Paul Greengrass In Talks For 'Fantastic Voyage' Remake

Paul Greengrass directing Fantastic Voyage remake

It looks director Paul Greengrass may be making his first voyage into the world of the epic and fantastical with a 3D remake of the 1966 classic sci-fi adventure, Fantastic Voyage.

The film was about a team of people who get miniaturized and injected into the bloodstream of a dying scientist in order to save his life.

Last December we reported on what Avatar director, James Cameron would be moving onto after he finished with the blue Na'Vi of the world of Pandora. At first it was reported he was working with script writer Shane Salerno (AVP 2 - ouch!) on a sci-fi film described as an "event set in the future." That project was then revealed to be the remake of Fantastic Voyage.

Although many would like it, Cameron will not be directing Fantastic Voyage (he'll be lending his producing talents). As you've probably guessed already, Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum) is currently in early talks to helm the movie. Variety is reporting the news.

If Greengrass were to sign on, it would certainly be a major departure from the director's usual style. He started off as TV current affairs director in the UK, before moving onto dramas like The Theory of Flight starring Helena Bonham Carter and Kenneth Branagh, and Bloody Sunday. After that, Universal tapped him to direct  The Bourne Supremacy and when the sequel was a hit he returned to top it with the amazing Bourne Ultimatum.

In between the two Bourne pictures Greengrass made United 93, a harrowing and frankly stunning film that "made a masterpiece out of a tragedy." (I heard that quote used about the film once, and it always stuck with me as a perfect way to describe it.)

Most recently Greengrass did Green Zone, a film I think was very solid and was treated unfairly at the box office (a reported $100 million-plus budget and it has only made $60 million worldwide so far). Headlines also sprung late last year when it was reported that Greengrass walked away from Bourne 4, which means we likely won't see Matt Damon return in the titular role.

So Greengrass isn't exactly a newcomer to bigger-budget fare, but even with the Bourne movies and Green Zone, his style is always a lot more intimate and up-close-and-personal than a lot of other blockbuster filmmakers. The idea of him directing a remake of Fantastic Voyage seems strange but at the same time I'm very curious to see what he does with it (that's if he gets the gig, of course).

It should come as no surprise that the Fantastic Voyage remake will be shot in 3D. But before you get too annoyed that yet another project has jumped on the 3D bandwagon, let me just point out that Cameron is the producer on this movie and coming along with him is his Lightstorm Entertainment, meaning that Fantastic Voyage will be shot in 3D using the same technology used for Avatar.

That means we'll actually get well-utilized 3D again? Who'd have thought it? :P

Fox is considering Fantastic Voyage a "big event property" so you can expect a lot of marketing push for it when the usual time comes. I'm willing to bet that when word of casting comes along, Sam Worthington's name will crop up. After all, he was the star of producer Cameron's box office juggernaut, Avatar...

What do you think of Paul Greengrass possibly directing a remake of Fantastic Voyage? Does he seem suited to the project? We'd love to hear your thoughts so leave them in the comments below.

Fantastic Voyage doesn't have a release date set as of yet but since it's considered important by the studio I guess it won't be that long before they set one.

Source: Variety

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