Paul Anderson + Death Race 3000 = Just Shoot Me Now

Oh, joy.

Some brilliant person has given Paul W.S. Anderson the green light to write and direct a remake of the B-movie classic Death Race 2000. Now Paul is the guy who brought us the [sarcasm on] wonderful [/sarcasm] Alien vs. Predator and such gems as Soldier and Event Horizon.

Now I'm not saying that Death Race 2000 is Citizen Kane, not by a longshot. It was a cheaply made, campy, violent Roger Corman flick, but it was fun, dammit. If there's one thing you can count on, it's that "3000" won't be. Oh, it'll probably try to be cool, edgy, gory (well, sorta, since they'll go for the PG-13 rating, guaranteed), but it won't succeed (unless you're 15 or so).

Sure, the guy's movies make money (but only if you include overseas box office), but how many properties are the studios going to let this guy trash?


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