Patty Jenkins Explains Wonder Woman's Epic Beach Battle

A new bonus feature from the home video release of Wonder Woman offers a look at director Patty Jenkins breaking down the significance of the beach battle scene early in the movie. 2017 was a big year for Patty Jenkins. After cutting her teeth on indie films and TV, she moved to the big leagues to direct the first solo film for DC's Amazonian warrior. While the film was expected to do well given the popularity of the character, it's beaten all expectations over the past few months as it's continued its climb. This past weekend, the film broke $400 million at the international box office, with a global total now well over $800M.

The success means Jenkins can likely make any project she wants, but her next project will probably be the Wonder Woman sequel due out in 2019. Thanks to how much of a hit the first film was, the new movie will make Jenkins the highest paid female director working in Hollywood today. In the meantime, the home video release of Wonder Woman has led to a number of exciting extras making their way online. The latest of which features Jenkins spotlighting why the beach battle is such an important scene in the film.

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EW has the new clip that will come with the Blu-ray/DVD release of Wonder Woman. In it, Jenkins breaks down the meaning behind the scene, which not only served as an epic action set piece, but also an important factor in the growth of Diana as a hero.

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“The beach battle was defined by one thing, which is Diana’s point of view. She has grown up with this idyllic, romantic idea of these Amazons all around her and battle and training. And she wants to be one of them. She’s seen them train in a very fair and organized way, where they all fight, and there are rules. So this battle, what was fascinating to me [is] it’s the first time Diana sees her own people turn and this other side of them, which is brutal and capable and willing to wage a battle. And she sees the brutality of man, where man has these guns and these weapons which no one's ever seen before."

The battle between the Amazons and the Germans shows Diana the brutality of both man and war. And like meeting Steve Trevor, it also helps to convince the warrior princess that the peaceful life of splendor she's been living is not something the rest of the world gets to enjoy. As a result, she dedicates herself to helping those in need and begins the march toward becoming a superhero.

Along with the new clip, we've seen a few other bonus features for Wonder Woman show up online. This weekend, a video of Etta Candy reminiscing about Diana arrived. Just today, a clip from the unreleased epilogue once again put Etta in the spotlight. With the film releasing in just a few more weeks in physical formats, expect more behind-the-scenes footage to arrive for Wonder Woman.

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Source: EW

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