Patty Jenkins Thanks Lynda Carter For Wonder Woman’s Legacy

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Patty Jenkins, the director of this summer's smash hit Wonder Woman has taken to Twitter to praise the legacy of Lynda Carter. The actor, who played the Wonder Woman character on the 1970s TV series, tweeted her congratulations to both Jenkins and the current Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, on their success with the film. Jenkins replied, complementing Carter on her past work as the character and for creating a legacy that helped pave the way for the film and its current success.

The tweet chain started when Gadot tweeted on the occasion of a THR article stating that Wonder Woman had held its box office potency the best of any superhero movie in 15 years. The continued success of the film and the critical praise it earned have continued to be talking points long after the movie hit theaters, so it's no surprise to see actors and filmmakers gathering on social media to take part in the ongoing conversation.

At the same time, it's heartwarming that the women behind Wonder Woman, old and new, are so simpatico. Carter has praised the new movie, she and Gadot have appeared together at charity events and while there was no cameo by Carter in the film, there is talk of her appearing in Wonder Woman 2.

Congrats to YOU too. This is all built on the magical legacy you are at the core of. Great thanks you Lynda, our sister on the journey.

— Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) July 13, 2017

Speaking of Wonder Woman 2, Jenkins hopes she'll be on tap to co-write and direct that film as well, and her involvement will likely secure Carter a spot in the film one way or another. What that cameo might entail is anyone's guess, but given Carter's prominence, due to her time as Wonder Woman, and her recent role on The CW's superhero program Supergirl -- where she plays President Olivia Marsdin, who happens to be a shapeshifting alien in disguise -- it might not be a bad idea for the Wonder Woman sequel to giver her more than your usual fan-service-y cameo.

While everyone is ready to plan ahead and look toward what the sequel will bring -- which apparently means Diana Prince will be thrown into the Cold War, and Chris Pine may well return, too -- there's plenty of time to let those pieces fall into place. For now, it might be best to take a cue from Jenkins, Gadot, and even Carter, and enjoy the terrific success of the DCEU's Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman 2 does not yet have a release date, but Wonder Woman remains in theaters.

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Source: Patty Jenkins

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