Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Lands $10 Million Netflix TV Deal

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins finalizes a $10 million deal with Netflix to spend three years creating, developing and producing TV series.

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Patty Jenkins is to make more of an impact in the world of TV after inking a deal with Netflix worth $10 million. Jenkins’ most recently released work was also in TV as a director and executive producer on I Am the Night, a TNT miniseries set in ‘60s Los Angeles that featured a teenage girl searching for the truth about her parentage and a war veteran turned hack reporter investigating a gruesome crime, the lives of both of whom are drawn into the fallout of the notorious and unsolved Black Dahlia murder.

Although now best known for directing Wonder Woman and first giving fans some hope that the DCEU might be salvageable, Jenkins first make a mark with her feature directorial debut Monster, the true story of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, in which Jenkins directed its star Charlize Theron to multiple awards, including the Oscar for Best Actress. After directing episodes of Entourage and Arrested Development, she was hired to direct Thor: The Dark World, but left the production after two months, citing creative differences.

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The news of Patty Jenkins’ deal with Netflix came from THR. The $10-million deal, which is set to last for three years, will see Jenkins exclusively create, develop and produce new series for the streaming giant. No details have been forthcoming over the type of series she will be creating, or even if there is a specific kind that Netflix are looking for from her, but the length of time she will be working for the company will provide ample opportunity for experimentation.

Aside from Wonder Woman, whose upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984 will see the Amazonian princess battle archenemy Cheetah, much of Jenkins’ previous work is in TV. She directed the pilot episode of 2011 crime drama The Killing, and also the finale of its second season, episodes which opened and resolved the murder mystery that had so far driven the show’s plot. She also directed the pilot episode of Betrayal, a one-season show about a photographer and a lawyer both married to other people, who after beginning an affair find themselves on opposite sides of a murder trial.

Given Jenkins’ work on Wonder Woman and its upcoming sequel it would be exciting to think that she will be producing comic book series for Netflix, perhaps filling the hole left by the cancellations of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist and add to its already ample roster of such shows. However, given the nature of most of her previous TV work, it’s far more likely she will be creating dramas and crime series, likely intended to complement similar shows with which Netflix has already found success, such as Narcos, Mindhunter and Ozark.

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Source: THR

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