Patty Jenkins Congratulates Geoff Johns on Green Lantern Corps Movie

Director Patty Jenkins - who is currently at work on Wonder Woman 2 - took time out from her busy schedule to congratulate Geoff Johns on his new assignment writing and producing the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film. This followed the recent announcement that Johns was stepping down as Chief Creative Officer at DC Entertainment, to focus on creative output rather than management.

Johns' departure from his executive position is only the latest shake-up behind the scenes at DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers. The past few weeks have also seen Diane Nelson step down from her position overseeing DC Comics' film division. Unlike Nelson, however, Johns is not leaving DC Entertainment, having signed a new deal that will see Johns overseeing his own banner, Mad Ghost, and creating new material for DC Comics' film, television and comic book divisions.

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Jenkins' well-wishes, were delivered via her Twitter. The Tweet, which can be viewed below, spoke of how Jenkins was looking forward to continuing to work with Johns, and seeing what he would be writing as part of his new production deal.

Even when he was but a mere writer for DC Comics, Johns was known as a prolific worker who handled several projects simultaneously. That trend will be continuing, as Johns seems to have a full workload based on his recently announced projects. Timed to coincide with the upcoming movie release, Johns will begin writing a monthly Shazam series. Johns will also start work on a new anthology, The Killing Zone, which will introduce several new characters of Johns' design, in addition to reestablishing several long-forgotten characters to the reality of DC Comics Rebirth.

Johns is also expected to take an active role in DC Comics' television productions, beyond his previous work as a writer and producer on The Flash. Johns will act as an Executive Producer on the upcoming Titans series being produced for the DC Universe streaming service. He will also be writing an episode for the series, which will introduce the Doom Patrol into the same continuity and set up a 13-episode series based around that team.

As Jenkins noted in her Tweet, Johns' departure as CCO of DC Entertainment will not end his association with The DC Comics Extended Universe. Ignoring his work on the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie, Johns co-wrote the screenplay for Wonder Woman 2 with Jenkins and Dave CallahamJohns also collaborated on the story for the upcoming Aquaman movie with director James Wan, though the final screenplay was written by Will Beall.

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Source: Patty Jenkins

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