Patty Jenkins Really, Really Loves Working With Chris Pine

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Patty Jenkins sings praises for Wonder Woman star Chris Pine. Working together in this summer's smash critical and box office hit, the two obviously have a great working relationship with each other good enough to team up once again in the upcoming TNT drama series One Day She'll Darken.

Pine starred in the Jenkins-directed Warner Bros. film that officially launched Gadot as the Amazon Goddess, Diana Prince. The 37-year-old actor played the role of Steve Trevor, a World War I pilot who crash-landed in the hidden paradise island of Themyscira where Diana and the rest of her brood quietly live a detached life from the rest of the world. Upon hearing about the ongoing conflict happening outside of her safe haven, Diana decided to come out of her bubble and help the spy end the war. From there,  the two embarked on an epic adventure of world-saving and falling in love.


Talking on Twitter, Jenkins re-affirmed his affinity to Pine by writing "Chris’ skill, talent and generosity blew me away, every day. Making that kind of performance look easy is epic badass. He’s a beast," while also quoting a promotional tweet posted by Wonder Woman UK's official Twitter account. You can check the filmmaker's tweet below:

Chris’ skill, talent and generosity blew me away, every day. Making that kind of performance look easy is epic badass. He’s a beast.

— Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) October 7, 2017

As previously mentioned, Jenkins and Pine will once again collaborate, this time on the small screen, with true crime story based on the autobiography of Fauna Hodel titled One Day She’ll Darken. While the filmmaker directs the pilot and executive produces the series, the actor will take on the role of former Marine named Jay Singletary who becomes a tabloid journalist and chases the Hodel story. Jenkins' husband, novelist Sam Sheridan, on the other hand, has been tapped to pen the script. The gig will mark Pine's first TV project as a lead character following short stints in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer, SuperMansion, and Angie Tribeca.

But there just might be another project on the docket for the two to once again collaborate with each other: Wonder Woman 2, which is set to hit theaters in December 2019. While audiences were initially under the impression that we'd seen the last of Trevor after he sacrificed himself for the greater good, there could still be a chance that the capable military man will be back in the fold to join the much-anticipated sequel.

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