Rob Gronkowski May Retire From the NFL to Act in Movies

The New England Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski is reportedly making plans to retire from the NFL and pursue a career acting in movies.

New England Patriots Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski is reportedly making plans to retire from football and start acting in movies instead. Professional athletes have long attempted to make the transition to Hollywood. There have been countless who made a brief career out of acting, but not many who found a true long-lasting way to make a living. Arnold Schwarzenegger left behind body building to be come an actor in the 1970s, and more recently Dwayne Johnson's post-WWE career has launched him into being one of the industries biggest stars, as evident by Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Several other athletes have tried, but the majority don't last. John Cena continues to fight to become a bigger name in Hollywood, while Dave Bautista quickly found his breakout role in Guardians of the Galaxy. By comparison, Ronda Rousey's acting career has cooled tremendously and she's now joining the WWE. On the heels of a Super Bowl loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles and a season nearly ended by a concussion, Rob Gronkowski could be next to shift his focusing to acting.

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Local Massachusetts paper Eagle-Tribune reports they've heard from anonymous sources that Gronk is considering retirement to pursue a career in acting. He reportedly has been in contact with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Sylvester Stallone about making the switch, with both actors believing Gronk could make millions by doing action films. The 28 year old tight end has two years and $17 million left on his contract. He's made over $44 million in his eight seasons, on top of his lucrative endorsement deals. Gronk and his camp have not yet responded to this report.

If this report turns out to be true, it would be interesting to see where Gronkowski gets his first shot and how quickly it would come. Reports of him being in contact with Johnson makes sense not only from an outlet for Gronk to get advice, but also because of the pair's relationship. Gronk and Johnson partnered up for a series of viral videos for Baywatch last year, including this NSFW one congratulating Gronk on last year's Super Bowl victory.

As evident by the video and obvious to anyone who has seen Gronk on the field, he is undoubtedly a showman with a large personality. He's known for loving to have fun while earning his money, and attempting to become an action movie star could be the perfect fit. The biggest caveat here is his unknown ability as an actor. He may have the personality, but the actual ability could determine whether or not this would last. There will definitely be interest in Gronk's name alone, and could give him a career where the injury risk is diminished. With plenty of uncertainty at this point, there's no telling what Gronkowski will eventually do. But, if it isn't now, an attempt at acting could still come down the line.

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Source: Eagle-Tribune

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