Patrick Wilson Wants to Star in a James Wan Rom-Com

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Patrick Wilson wants to star in a rom-com from Aquaman director James Wan. Having already tackled the superhero and horror genre with Wan - they worked together on the Conjuring franchise and the first two Insidious films - Wilson is positive that the multifaceted director can tackle a successful romantic comedy.

In Aquaman, Wilson plays Arthur Curry's (Jason Momoa) half-brother King Orm, who is a far cry from characters he has played in other films directed by Wan. In the Insidious films, he's an everyman who just happens to be haunted by a supernatural presence that refuses to leave him alone, while his role in The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 is centered around the late real-life demonologist Ed Warren. Orm is a larger-than-life style antagonist who technically marks the second time Wilson has played a villain in one of Wan's films (he's possessed by an evil spirit at the end of Insidious, as well as most of its sequel), and though he technically has a love interest in Aquaman, his character is far from romantic. Now, Wilson is open to a change of pace and wants to star in a romantic comedy from from none other than Wan.

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During an Aquaman junket interview with Screen Rant, Wilson opened up about his experience over the years working with Wan on a number of movies. He specifically pointed out that the filmmaker is capable of handling a variety of genres, and he not only mentioned that Wan should consider tackling a rom-com, but that Wilson hopes he might have a shot at starring in it himself. He said:

"I think a great director - kind of like a great actor - a great director can tackle any genre, and I think he's [Wan] always had that in him. I knew that since the first Inidious movie we did together. I just knew if he had the opportunity- you know, it takes the success of one genre to be able to- for someone to take a gamble and say, 'Alright, can you do it with this genre?' [...] But I've never looked at him like a horror director. He always leads with his heart, so there's a great romantic comedy in that guy, too. I hope I'm in it. But there is, because if you look at all of his films, there's always- he knows that it comes down to character and story, and whatever the device is or the medium or the genre, it doesn't even matter."

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Having worked on several films with the director, Wilson has become more than familiar with Wan's unique creative nuances, and he even recently went so far as to compare Aquaman with movies like The Conjuring and Insidious. He referred to the fact that Wan is far more interested in making films about families and their individual struggles than whichever genre they happen to fall into. As a result, that approach has played a significant role in the mostly positive critical response aimed at Aquaman - especially compared to other entries in the DCEU.

As for Wilson himself, the actor is also no stranger to jumping around from one genre to the next. Early in his film career, he went from from a musical (The Phantom of the Opera) to a thriller (Hard Candy) to a drama (Little Children) seamlessly, and later even tackled the superhero genre (Watchmen) before building his work relationship with Wan in Insidious, well before Aquaman. So, if there is any question as to whether either Wan or Wilson are up for the challenge of tackling a rom-com, their approach to the craft more than speaks for itself.

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