Patrick Swayze Dies At 57

Patrick Swayze in Road House

It's a sad today today as another great actor passes away.

Patrick Swayze, 57, has lost his difficult battle with cancer and passed away today with his family at his side.

The star actor had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early last year and while he'd been fighting through it when patients with this type of cancer expect to only live six months, it didn't stop the cowboy from working and keeping optimistic, acting as an inspiration to everyone around him. It got a lot worse recently and he had been forced to rely on a wheelchair - but he still kept wearing his cowboy hat and not giving up.

A few days ago though, new reports revealed that Swayze was more frail than ever and was resting at his LA home with his wife Lisa. Together, they were working on his autobiography, titled "The Time of My Life."

Swayze made his mark, especially in the hearts of women everywhere, with his career-making role in Dirty Dancing back in 1987. Before that he was in one of my favorite movies as a kid, Red Dawn. The movie that helped make him the star he was though came just a few years after Dirty Dancing when he played the lead role in Ghost, opposite Demi Moore.

Today, we have lost another great artist who had a signifcant impact on the industry and in the hearts and minds of the millions who have enjoyed his work.

What are your favorite Swayze films?

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