Is Patrick Stewart In Mad Max 4? [Updated]

Update: MTV Claims that Patrick Stewart is NOT in Mad Max 4

He’s performed Shakespeare and boldly gone where no one has gone before; he’s even helped to sharpen Wolverine’s claws but is Patrick Stewart now about to visit the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Australia to film Mad Max: Fury Road?


A scooper emailed Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News with the following:

“We met the one AND ONLY Patrick Stewart in Sydney today I'm still giddy... sa what u will about Chris Pine, but in my book, the sexiest captain title still belongs 2 Jean-Luc Picard! (And considering Stewart is 70... thats something!)"

"Anyway, he was so kind and so giving, and he made a point to say hello to most people in and out of the rooms... he signed my XMen DVD and I got to ask him whether he'd like to make a movie in Australia and he said he may be back here soon to film a movie with George Miller. I - embarrassingly - blurted "Happy Feet 2! great!" and he said "No, another one". Only other one I can see that Miller is doing is the new Mad Max movie. Patrick is sexy, but surely he's not playing mad max! hee hee - - assume he's playing another role in it.”

(Please note that spelling, grammar and punctuation of the above belong to scooper TrekGirl)

I can see Stewart fitting into the world of Mad Max – he’s got the look, and he'll bring a certain amount of gravitas to the proceedings to the film that so far seems to lack any real maturity. The confirmed cast of the film includes Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy (who played a young, evil Stewart in Star Trek: Nemesis), Nicolas Hoult and Teresa Palmer.

I’d imagine that he’d be the villain of the piece, or at the very least the leader of an under-threat community - he’s just got that way about him.

It could also be inaccurate news. TrekGirl seems to be slightly on the excitable side, and maybe she misheard what Stewart said. Maybe, George Miller has another film that he’s about to make in Australia – Justice League? Just a wild (VERY wild) guess.

We’ll keep you posted on any Mad Max developments as we get them.

UPDATE: MTV is making a name for themselves as blogger debunkers, and their latest debunk is that Patrick Stewart is not connected to Mad Max: Fury Road. MTV claims to have spoken to Stewart's publicist, who denied his involvement in the project. While I'm sure that conversation took place, it's important to note that publicists are paid to lie. Did Ain't It Cool News call this wrong? Or is Stewart's publicist simply holding off until things are official? Time will tell.

See, this is why we at Screen Rant position ourselves as an editorial movie site: we can happily discuss while the other guys fight it out :-) . Check back for updates on this Patrick Stewart / Mad Max business.

Oh, I just thought that I’d throw this out there:

Stewart starred with Mel Gibson in 1997’s Conspiracy Theory.

I’m just saying.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

Update Source: MTV

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