Patrick Stewart Goes All Out in New 'Blunt Talk' Trailer from Starz

From Star Trek to X-Men, Patrick Stewart is a man that’s become something of a nerdy god of all things awesome. In addition, the man is also a highly capable dramatic actor known for his work on not only the screen, but the stage as well.

However, despite all that recognition, it’s rare that we get to really see the man bust out in comedic form. But that’s all about to change with his newest premium cable series, Blunt Talk, and to prove it, a new trailer has just released by the show’s network, Starz.

From Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames and executive producer Seth MacFarlane, Blunt Talk follows the life of Walter Blunt (Stewart), a British newscaster with a serious case of bad behavior, as he moves to Los Angeles with his manservant to host a new talk show in the states. The series also stars Jacki Weaver, Timm Sharp and Richard Lewis.

Needless to say, Stewart is on fire in this new trailer. Despite the (over) use of narcotics and extremely vulgar gags that are clearly MacFarlane influenced, something about the way Stewart is going, for lack of a better term, balls deep, is quickly turning this show into a must-see. While we may not get to see this side of the classical actor all that often, it’s certainly a side we've always wanted to see.

In fact, it’s Stewart’s willingness to commit fully to his roles that will ultimately be the make or break moment for the series. In order for it to succeed, we are going to need to empathize with Walter, and that means we are going to need to be able to understand the kind of person he is.

He can’t simply be a drugging, boozing maniac because that doesn’t make for a long-running show (and it’s the thing the series could easily slip into if MacFarlane ends up guiding the ship more than Aimes). We are going to need to be able to peel back the layers of Walter Blunt in order to peer into his soul, and there’s no one that will be able to do that better than Stewart. That’s why there’s reason to have hope for the series at this stage of the game.

Blunt Talk premieres Saturday, August 22nd @9pm on Starz.

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