A Guide To Patrick St. Esprit's Many NCIS Universe Characters

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Patrick St. Esprit is a familiar face in the NCIS universe, having played seven different roles – here’s a guide to all the characters he’s portrayed. The NCIS shared universe spans a total of nine interconnected shows and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Bellisarioverse’ – a nod to franchise co-creator Donald P. Bellisario. Although NCIS is more popular and long-running, it was actually a spinoff of Navy legal drama JAG which aired from 1995 to 2005. After NCIS proved a hit the show, in turn, birthed two more spinoffs with NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

Since the NCIS franchise tripled in size there have been plenty of crossover episodes between the three shows but the NCIS universe doesn’t end there. It also includes short-lived Supreme Court drama First Monday which debuted the character Edward Sheffield who later crossed over to JAG. The Hawaii Five-0 reboot series has crossed over with NCIS: Los Angeles as did the now-canceled show Scorpion. Finally, both the MacGyver and Magnum P.I. reboots have crossed over with Hawaii Five-0, meaning they are technically part of the NCIS universe too.

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It’s a complex shared universe made slightly more confusing by the fact actor Patrick St. Esprit has been in five of the nine NCIS universe shows playing seven completely different characters. Here are all the shows St. Esprit has appeared in and the characters he played.


JAG – Markov, Unnamed Officer & Colonel Bootney

Patrick St. Esprit’s made his debut in the NCIS universe in a 1999 episode of JAG titled “Webb Of Lies” in which he played a character called Markov. A few years later he returned to JAG for the episode “In Thin Air” as an unnamed officer aboard the naval ship U.S.S. Patrick Henry. His last appearance in the show was as Colonel Bootney in two episodes of JAG’s tenth and final season – “JAG: San Diego” and “Death At The Mosque”

NCIS – Commander Weidman

In the NCIS season 6 episode “South By Southwest”, St. Esprit played Weidman – the commander of a ship whose underlings Gibbs and co suspect may be involved in the murder of a fellow NCIS agent.

Scorpion – Captain James Pike

Scorpion’s pilot episode aired in 2014 and introduced the team of genius misfits the show focused on. The plot centered around the team racing to prevent 56 delayed planes crashing after the computers go down at the LAX control tower. St. Esprit’s role was Captain James Pike, the pilot of one of the airplanes.

Hawaii Five-0 – Vice Admiral Graham Rhodes

St. Esprit’s role as naval officer Vice Admiral Graham Rhodes extended to two episodes in season 4 and season 5. The first, “Hoku Welowelo,” saw Steve McGarrett investigating a triple-murder related to a fallen top-secret Chinese satellite and the second – “Ka Makuakaneka” – focused on the kidnapping of a Navy SEAL’s daughter.

NCIS: Los Angeles – LAPD Lieutenant Roger Bates

Patrick St. Esprit’s meatiest role in the NCIS universe to date was in NCIS: Los Angeles as LAPD Lieutenant Roger Bates, which spanned four episodes over three seasons. Bates was Marty Deeks’ partner at the LAPD who first appeared in the season 3 episode “The Debt.”His biggest episode was season 9’s “Can I Get A Witness?” in which Bates was suspected of going rogue, but was really trying to prevent a super-virus falling into the wrong hands whilst uncovering a conspiracy of dirty cops.

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