Pathology Trailer (and Party!)

A bunch of movie bloggers met with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (the guys behind last year's Crank), whose next film is the upcoming thriller Pathology. They gave us a sneak peek at the first ever trailer for the film. From what was in the trailer, it would be the red band version so I anticipate it will be cut a bit before being released. Pathology stars Milo Ventimiglia who plays Peter Petrelli in NBC's Heroes.

First I have to say thanks to the guys over at Lakeshore Entertainment and to John Campea over at The Movie Blog for putting the gathering together. It was great to get to meet the guys who run and I also met some great folks from All great folks and it was great to finally meet people that I've "known" online for quite a while. :-)

One extra cool thing was that Zachary Quinto, Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka from NBC's Heroes were there. I had the opportunity to speak with Zach and spent quite a while talking with Milo, who stuck me as a really grounded guy. Super-nice guys, and it was actually weird talking to the guy who played Sylar but not having him creep me out.

With the recent backlash, or at least loss of interest in the torture porn genre, releasing a "scary" movie is a sticky situation. Even if a movie doesn't fit into that mold, the studio has to be sure that the film is not even perceived as being that sort of film.

Pathology is a thriller which follows a number of med school students who seem to start out with the hypothetical question of how to murder someone in a manner that is undetectable or at least makes it impossible to track the killer - and then of course move on to actually trying out their theories. The trailer was very effective and showed Milo as a student who gets drawn into this game and finds himself unable to escape as it spirals out of control.

From what I've seen it looks like while it may have some graphic scenes it will actually have some character development (gasp!) allowing us to get to know Milo's character and be drawn into his world, at first possibly disliking him but then pulling for him as he tries to extricate himself from the situation. It came across as quite intense and according to the guys in charge they went to great pains to verify the authenticity of the film in regards to the medical aspects of the story.

On the other hand they also previewed for us a trailer for a Clive Barker film titled Midnight Meat Market.

With a title like that, combined with the imagery from the trailer, I'd say this one is in for a hard time at the box office. Following on the heels of the flopping of Grindhouse (which the title elicits memories of) and the scenes of bloody mayhem in the trailer directly connected to slabs of beef in a butchering plant - the perception may be that this is just another version of Saw or Hostel (even if it's not). The Clive Barker name carries some weight, and I hear the budget was pretty low on this one so it may end up profitable despite what I see as these two strikes against it.

I'll withhold an opinion on that one until hearing and seeing more, but for now I think that Pathology not only looks like the better film but will also do better at the box office.

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