The Path Season 3 Trailer: Aaron Paul Doesn't Want To Lead A Cult

Hulu's The Path is set to begin again in January, and now the streaming service has released a full trailer for season 3. After a miraculous ending to season 2, the sort-of cult drama starring Aaron Paul is set to begin again in its new leader's image, and as is made clear by the new preview, the future of Meyerism is anything but certain. As the tagline for the season states, "All light casts a shadow."

The Path was one of Hulu's first attempts at delivering original content on par with its chief competitors, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It lined up an impressive cast that included Emmy-winner Paul, as well as Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy, fresh off the unfortunate cancelation of NBC's Hannibal. The result was a slower than expected, but still fascinating drama about a family entrenched in the Meyerist movement (or cult, if you prefer), as that same movement threatened to tear them apart.

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Over the course of its first two seasons, The Path detailed the rise of Dancy's Cal as he fought to bring Meyerism mainstream. Meanwhile, the series flirted with spiritual elements, like ayahuasca-induced vision quests and more that sometimes bordered on the supernatural, all of which culminated in the season 2 "miracle" performed by Paul's disenfranchised Eddie Lane that took the cult movement to far greater heights with one incident than all of Cal's scheming combined. The result, then, is a third season set to bring the movement and the series to the next level. Check out the synopsis below:

The Path Season 3 Poster

"A miracle by Eddie Lane (Aaron Paul) went viral, and Meyerism has grown exponentially across the world. As the new Guardian of the Light, Eddie is forced to face the question of whether he can grow the movement without becoming a cult leader. Cal (Hugh Dancy) is haunted by dark demons from the past and must come face to face with them in order to defeat them. Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) questions her faith and in looking outside the movement for answers, she may discover one of Meyerism’s deepest secrets, and the one person who could put an end to it all."

Now that the series has placed Eddie in charge of the growing and increasingly powerful movement but, from the look of things, still maintains his conflicted feelings about Meyerism, The Path is ready to explore the same basic circumstances from a completely different angle. And considering the things that Cal Sarah have gotten up to and covered up over the last two seasons, Eddie's position as the Guardian of the Light could mean he has bulls-eye painted on his chest.

There's a great deal of potential in the new trailer, and we won't have to wait long to find out whether or not The Path season 3 lives up to it.

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The Path season 3 premieres January 17 on Hulu.

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