Passengers Poster: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Are On a Journey

Passengers images - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence

Two of Hollywood's biggest and rising stars will be joining forces later this year. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are set to star in Passengers for Sony, and the film has an awards friendly release date to further boost expectations. Up until this point however, Sony has been slow to market the film, having only released a few images showing the two stars together in space. The movie centers around their developing relationship throughout their travels in space, and Sony is banking on Lawrence and Pratt's combined star power to help drive-in business.

Even though Passengers is only a few months away, a trailer has still not been released to give audiences their first extended look at the movie (though the first trailer is expected to arrive with Sony's The Magnificent Seven in theaters this month). In order to hold those interested over until that trailer hits, an official Passengers poster has been released instead, showcasing the two leads.

Sony (via FlickeringMyth) has released the first poster for Passengers, and the one-sheet directly follows the pattern of having Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt sell people on seeing the movie. The poster itself features Lawrence and Pratt's faces heavily as they make up the majority of what is shown. Outside of the title and release date, the following poster does not offer much of anything, and certainly not anything new.

Passengers Poster Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

It is clear that Sony is hoping that two of the most recognizable names, and faces, in Hollywood will push this movie towards being a success. Lawrence is an Oscar-winner and the star of one of the biggest franchise over the past few years in The Hunger Games, while Pratt is still a rising name attached to big properties such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World (he'll also appear in Magnificent Seven this month). Passengers is not likely to be as big of a box office hit as any of these movies, but instead looks primed for more awards consideration.

The release of the poster is hopefully the final step in marketing before the first trailer is finally released. This is one of the most intriguing movies left to come out this year, not just because of the star power attached, but also because Passengers director Morten Tyldum's last movie, The Imitation Game, received multiple Oscar nods (and a win for screenplay). If Passengers follows suit, Tyldum could possibly receive a second nod for Best Director, Lawrence could receive her fourth nod for Best Actress in a Leading Role and fifth overall, and/or Pratt could land his first Oscar nod. Hopefully, everyone will have a better understanding of what to expect here, when the first trailer does arrive.

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Passengers opens in U.S. theaters on December 21, 2016.

Source: Sony [via FlickeringMyth]

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