Passengers Teaser; Full Trailer Arrives Tomorrow

Passengers images - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence

Two of the biggest stars in Hollywood at this point in time are Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Come this holiday season, movie goers will be able to see both stars team up, and hook up, for the first time in Sony's sci-fi love story, Passengers. This has been one of the most talked about projects yet to come out in 2016, but those awaiting to see the movie have so far not had much to go on. Some early footage was teased at CinemaCon near the beginning of the year, but the regular public has not had the chance to see any footage from the film.

People have been eager to check out the movie with everyone anxiously awaiting the trailer for Passengers, but it had been rather quiet. The film's first images and the poster have both been released over the past few weeks, hinting towards a trailer being just around the corner. That has now been confirmed with a teaser announcing the arrival of the full trailer.

The official Twitter account for Passengers have posted the first teaser showing five short glimpses at the movie, prior to revealing that the first trailer will arrive tomorrow. The teaser does not show much outside of looks of Lawrence and Pratt separate, then kissing, and standing in front of an explosion. The first look at the spacecraft they travel on is also revealed, as you can see below:

Tomorrow, every moment counts. Don’t miss #JenniferLawrence and #ChrisPratt in the full #PassengersMovie trailer.

— Passengers Movie (@PassengersMovie) September 19, 2016

The teaser does not do much of anything to show the actual plot of Passengers, but it does show what seems to be the main components. Sony is definitely counting on the star power of both leads to sell this movie, as both should have substantially large roles playing the only two characters awake on the spacecraft. It also shows the romance that will be featured between the actors, as well as hinting towards the sci-fi nature that will also be involved.

Luckily for people interested in the movie, the full trailer coming tomorrow will likely explore the actual plot of the movie. All that is known at this point is both stars being alone in space in the middle of a voyage, so something will have to happen that drives this story outside of the romance. Director Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) has proven before his ability to pull the dramatic tension into his movies, so expect something similar for Passengers. You can check back here on Screen Rant tomorrow to see the full trailer for yourself!

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Passengers opens in U.S. theaters on December 21, 2016.

Source: Sony Pictures

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