Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Party Of Five

While The X-Files was probing into the supernatural and Friends was satisfying the sitcom itch, Party of Five was the hour-long drama series on Fox pitting a San Franciscan family of five against the perils of growing up parentless.

The show got off on a rocky start when it came to ratings, but came back swinging in its third season with a ratings boost and a Golden Globe win for Best Television Series - Drama. As shamelessly sentimental as it was aggressively plaid, Party of Five has since become staple '90s-era viewing. While the show's creators Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippman deserve credit for giving the show a pulse, its decade-shaping cast were what truly gave the story life.

Eventually, though, the show took its final breath. With the series ending in 2000, the cast has since left their San Franciscan nest and made individual names for themselves. Some stayed in television, some graduated to the big screen, and some have more or less vanished out of the limelight altogether.

To find out what ever became of Salingers and Co., keep reading to check out Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Party Of Five.

16 Scott Wolf - Bailey Salinger

On Party of Five, Bailey was the ever-responsible 16-year-old Salinger who never slacked off when it came to tending for his desperate family. While there was only so much the young man could pull off (his older brother Charlie handled the bulk of the income), Bailey did his best—even though all the pressure did eventually get the better of him.

Actor Scott Wolf tackled the character with all the charm and competency that any swooning teenage viewer would lose their mind over, but since then, he's been juggling a number of projects vastly different from his breakthrough performance.

Now married with three children (a literal party of five), Wolf's most recent work had him playing Dr. Scott Clemmens on the recently cancelled NBC series The Night Shift. He's also recently lent his vocal talents to Netflix's Voltron as Rax and on BoJack Horseman - where he plays Scott Wolf, incidentally (who just so happens to be an actual wolf).

15 Scott Grimes - Will McCorkle

Bailey's BFF Will McCorkle was elevated beyond sidekick-style status on account of the actor played him. Before Party of Five, Scott Grimes had locked in a substantial amount of acting credits in shows like Who's the Boss? and Star Trek: The Next Generation and movies like Critters, Critters 2, and Night Life.

After Party of Five, his career has only gotten stronger.

After starring in shows like Band of BrothersER, and JustifiedGrimes' widest audience reach stems from the Seth MacFarlane universe, voicing various characters in both Family Guy and American Dad!, but mostly notably Steve Smith in the latter. His relationship with MacFarlane has since extended to his role in the live-action series The Orville on Fox.

Next up, he'll be starring alongside Peter Bogdanovich in Jessa Zarubica's upcoming untitled film about a dystopian future.

14 Jennifer Love Hewitt - Sarah Reeves

Making a name for herself as Bailey's girlfriend Sarah Reeves, Jennifer Love Hewitt shared the '90s Scream Queen title alongside Party of Five co-star Neve Campbell. While her work on the show ended up segueing into a failed spinoff of the show titled Time of Your Life, Hewitt centered the bulk of her fame around I Know What You Did Last Summer's Julie James.

Fast-forward to 2018, and her career has reached a maternal pit stop.

After some television work in shows like The Client List, Hot in Cleveland, and Criminal Minds, Hewitt ultimately made the decision to ditch acting altogether for her family.

Married with two children, Hewitt has been purposefully MIA from the spotlight since 2015, spending her time focused on being a wife and mother.

13 Brenda Strong - Kathleen Isley

As if the Salinger family didn't have enough problems to deal with on Party of Five, one of Charlie's girlfriends-turned-vindictive-exes nearly ruined them all for good. What's more is that actress Brenda Strong proved that she is no stranger to playing crueler-than-necessary characters.

As Kathleen Isley, her retaliation against Charlie breaking up with her was to shut down their family restaurant. In a future role as Lillian Luthor in Supergirl, she's trying to destroy the titular hero.

Strong has maintained a successful career in acting ever since Party of Five, specifically in television. Most recently, she has starred in Scandal, The 100, Fear the Walking Dead, and, as mentioned, Supergirl. However, the role she'll likely be most remembered playing is Mary Alice Young on Desperate Housewives— for which she served as narrator.

12 Matthew Fox - Charlie Salinger

The legal head of the house in the Salinger family was Charlie Salinger, played by Matthew Fox. The money-scraping hunk spent all of six seasons on Party of Five doing his best to play the patriarchal role model, though his journey was hardly without bumps and hurdles.

When the series finally ended, though, Fox was able to leave his hybrid sibling/parent duties behind, tackling roles that were were challenging in distinctly different ways.

After trying his hand as a lead paranormal investigator in the short-lived Haunted, it took Fox just two years to find his footing as Dr. Jack Shephard in Lost. That said, his most recent role was back in 2015 opposite Kurt Russell in Bone TomahawkHe is living in Oregon with his wife and two children, and his favorite pastime is flying planes.

11 Kate Hudson - Cory

While Kate Hudson only showed up in a single episode of Party of Five, she's here to represent the bulk of actors who made early-career cameos in the show, only to end up making it big later on in life.

In more or less a blink-and-you'll-miss-it role compared to other cameo performances, this was Hudson's very first professional role ever. Shortly after, she landed a handful of supporting gigs until making her breakout performance in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, for which she earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Academy Awards.

Tackling several notable starring roles as a result (including How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Skeleton Key), Hudson's latest roles include Deepwater Horizon opposite Mark Wahlberg and voice work on Kung Fu Panda 3.

She'll star as Jennifer Lee Pryor in the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic Is It Something I Said?

10 Lacey Chabert - Claudia Salinger

In Party of Five, the second-youngest kid in the Salinger clan is violin virtuoso Claudia, played by Lacey Chabert. She's expressive, mature for age, and extremely determined despite the odds working against her, but once she hit peak-teenage years, Chabert had to say goodbye to the role that launched her career when the show was canceled in 2000.

Since then, Chabert has maintained a steady career through mainstream movies, popular TV shows, and even voice work.

After starring in movies like Mean Girls - as Gretchen Wieners, who was trying to make "fetch" happen - and the horror remake Black Christmas, Chabert has offered her vocal talents to shows like Family Guy and The Spectacular Spider-Man, as Meg Griffin and Gwen Stacy, respectively.

Most recently, she voiced Nyma and Te-osh in Netflix's Voltron opposite former co-star Scott Wolf, and has starred in various TV movies including The Sweetest Christmas and My Secret Valentine.

9 Adam Scott - Josh Macon

Another cameo role in Party of Five belonged to Adam Scott. However, what sets him apart from Kate Hudson is the fact that he lasted a grand total of seven episodes, playing one of Julia's college friends, Josh Macon.

While he didn't necessarily make a lasting impression on audiences with his performance in the show, Scott ended up making a solid name for himself in later roles. After starring opposite Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation, Scott found his way into the mainstream.

Since then, he's starred in both dramatic and comedic roles, ranging everywhere from Black Mass and Big Little Lies to Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, and Ghosted, in which he co-stars opposite Craig Robinson.

8 Michael A. Goorjian - Justin Thompson

Relationship woes are nothing unique in TV dramas, and that's especially true with Party of Five. While Neve Campbell's Julia is busy trying to find herself after the death of her parents, she's balancing a fine line between her former book-smart self and her blossoming rebellious side within. This ultimately leads to taking her friendship with Michael A. Goorjian's Justin Thompson to slightly more grownup levels.

However, while their relationship may have only lasted as long as most teenage relationships last, Goorjian's acting career managed to blossom.

After revisiting his role as Bob in the SLC Punk sequel 18 years after the original, Goorjian showed up in the Fox series Luciferas well as HBO's The Wizard of Lies, opposite Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer.

7 Paula Devicq - Kirsten Bennett

When the Salinger siblings are getting desperate to find a nanny for baby brother Owen, the character Kirsten Bennett shows up, not only taking on caregiver duties, but adding some romantic complications to their already complicated lives. Played by Paula Devicq, Kirsten became a regular in the Salinger residence, despite not being a Salinger herself.

Outside of Party of Five, Devicq continued her acting career, but never in anything especially notable.

She had supporting roles in shows like The Grid (which only last six episodes) Rescue Me, the film Arbitrage opposite Richard Gere, and is starring as herself in the upcoming documentary Wasted Talent.

Fun Fact: she did get the chance to become a Salinger, but only in the series A Gifted Man, in which she played a character named Dr. Elizabeth Salinger.

6 Jeremy London - Griffin Holbrook

Before landing a role as Griffin Holbrook on Party of Five, Jeremy London (the actor you're always confusing for either his twin brother Jason or Brendan Fraser) starred in something arguably even more quintessentially  '90s: Kevin Smith's Mallrats.

After those roles, London nabbed a recurring role on 7th Heaven and the short-lived series Tell Me You Love Me, but has otherwise been tackling roles that were either made-for-TV or direct-to-streaming.

Today, London has several projects lined up, including a return to his role in Mallrats for the upcoming television series, another new series called Knight's End, and a miniseries called The Dreamfactory, among a few other projects. Outside of acting, London has also directed a variety of short films.

5 Jennifer Aspen - Daphne Jablonsky

While legal guardian/older brother Charlie Salinger is certainly no stranger to wooing interesting women, he eventually meets the the complicated Daphne Jablonsky, played by Jennifer Aspen. Entering the show in its fourth season, Aspen lasted till the finale, and judging by her career roughly two decades later, it seems as though she just couldn't bear to distance herself from the Salinger family. In 2016, she appeared in The Night Shift opposite Scott Wolf, though not in a leading role.

Aside from The Night Shift, Aspen appeared in the first season of MTV's Scream Queensas well as Nickelodeon's Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. Later this year she'll star opposite Amy Adams in the upcoming series Sharp Objects from Emmy-nominated writer Marti Noxon (UnREAL, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

4 Brandon Porter - Owen Salinger (Baby)

When it comes to the youngest of the Salinger crew, Owen, there have been quite a few actors who played the role throughout Party of Five's six seasons. In the pilot episode, twins Alexander and Zachary Ahnert played him, only to pass the torch over to twins Brandon and Taylor Porter. These are the actors who ended up playing Owen when he was an infant.

Having been MIA from acting altogether following the their short-lived time on the show (Brandon has an uncredited role in the 1996 Terms of Endearment sequel The Evening Star), both brothers went on to pursue careers outside of the entertainment industry completely.

That said, Brandon has just made something of a comeback after starring in a short film titled Angels Never Cry. 

3 Andrew and Steven Cavarno - Owen Salinger (Toddler)

Next in line as Owen Salinger we re twins Andrew and Steven Cavarno. They played Owen between season 2 and 4, rocking slightly lighter hair than their on-screen siblings. While there is only so much physical work that a toddler can do on a television show, Andrew and Steven proved that their artistic abilities later in life— not as actors, but as dancers.

While they did make single appearances in Chicago Hope and The X-Files, the twins eventually moved on from acting, enjoying the simple life outside of stardom. That said, they did eventually take to YouTube, showing off their dancing skills.

Maybe if they showed this sort of talent at a younger age, they could have stood a shot at staying on Party of Five a little longer - assuming Owen was ever meant to take to dancing, at least.

2 Jacob Smith - Owen Salinger (Older)

Once the creators behind Party of Five realized that they needed a young actor with a bit more pep in his acting career step, they recast Owen yet again, replacing the Cavarno twins with Jacob Smith. Starring in the final two seasons of the series, Smith's future in acting had a lot of potential given the sort of projects on which he ended up working. With supporting roles in movies like Small Soldiers and Cheaper by the Dozen, Smith ended up cutting his time in the biz shorter than expected.

His most recent role was in a TV pilot for a show called Secrets of a Small Town opposite Leighton Meester. After officially retiring from acting, Smith later went on to graduate from Charis Bible College in Colorado.

1 Neve Campbell - Julia Salinger

One actress from Party of Five who arguably made the biggest name for herself during the show was Neve Campbell. She played Julia Salinger, but kept herself busy with other concurrent projects like The Craftthe Scream series, and Wild Things. While her career started to lose a bit of steam in the 2000s, she has recently shown signs of jumpstarting a comeback tour.

After getting her mainstream feet wet in one-off roles on Grey's Anatomy and Mad MenCampbell's recently been starring in the Netflix political drama House of Cardsbut is even aiming at a big screen return as well. She recently wrapped shooting on Hot Air alongside Steve Coogan, and later this year she'll star opposite Dwayne Johnson in the Die Hard-esque action-thriller Skyscraper.


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