You Too Can Be Part Of The Vulcan Community

Bruce says, "File this under interesting.":

Wow, what a shocker. I did not realize that I could be part of the Vulcan community. If I were, I'd be part of a population of about 1700+ persons!

On top of that, I'd more than likely be employed in the agricultural industry, being its main commerce is agriculture. But after a hard week of work, I could go enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon on the Vulcan 18-hole golf course.

Yes, Vulcans have it pretty nice as they enjoy being the transit center for wheat and canola shipping.

By this point, you're probably thinking I've OD'd on canola or something, but I'm actually talking about Vulcan, in Alberta Canada. It's located about 100 Km South of Calgary and oddly enough, the county is also named Vulcan. Before Star Trek, Vulcan was named after the Roman god of fire, and yes, there is a Star Trek connection coming up.

But if you were a Trekkie, this could very well be the place to brag about living at on your blog. But at least they've embraced the potential of their town name.

They host an annual Star Trek convention called Galaxyfest/Spock Days (Which used to be called VulCon). They have a Star Trek-themed tourist stop with Star Trek memorabilia and you can partake in a space based virtual reality game. They even have a walking tour called Take a Trek, where they've created space-themed murals and signs around town.

I'm the ship freak with all the blueprints to everything, and the neatest feature of the town is a thirty-one foot long, 9-foot tall Enterprise replica (Based on the ship from the first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy). The base of the pedestal has plaques engraved English, Klingon and Vulcan.

Road trip!

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