Parks and Recreation: The 5 Best Couples (And The 5 Worst)

Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, and Rashida Jones in Parks & Recreation

Parks and Recreation is known for having some adorable couples that many people found relatable. Many of the best couples on the show were great examples of healthy relationships where both partners respected and supported one another. There were also some couples on the show that were pretty awful. Parks and Recreation had some of the best examples of relatable couples and also a few of the worst.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 best and the 5 worst couples on the show.

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Chris Pratt Andy Dwyer
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Chris Pratt Andy Dwyer

At the start of the show, Ann and Andy were actually a couple. While Andy grew to be quite a lovable and dorky character as the show progressed, in the beginning, he was kind of unlikeable. He didn’t treat Ann that well and didn’t seem up to her level.

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They weren’t well-matched and Ann basically supported Andy with her nursing job while Andy wasn’t doing much with his life. While fans love both of these characters, they weren’t great together.


Ron and Diane were a super cute couple that fans should root for. While Ron had pretty bad relationships in his past, things all came together when he met Diane. Ron learned how to be a dad when he started dating Diane who already had two daughters.

After Ron and Diane got married, they also had a son of their own. This couple supported each other, and Diane expected Ron to step up to the plate while he had a lot of respect for her.


While Ron and Diane were definitely relationship goals, Ron’s previous relationships were not. The relationship between Ron and Tammy 1 on the show was actually somewhat abusive, and, while this was played off on the show as funny, it’s actually pretty disturbing when you think about it. Tammy 1 was much, much older than Ron leading to a weird power imbalance. Plus, she was controlling and made Ron into someone completely different than who he was.


Parks and Rec

Ann and Chris might not have been the best couple at first, but they hit their stride eventually. They dated for a while but then Chris broke up with Ann in season three. However, they ended up back together again after Chris agrees to be the father of her child through in vitro fertilization. The two end up as a couple and have a child together and eventually move away from Pawnee. While these two definitely had a bit of an up and down ride, they are two good people who got a happy ending that they both deserve.


Paul Schneider as Mark Brendanawicz on Parks and Recreation

Before there was Ben Wyatt, Leslie and Mark had a thing. Mark and the dynamic between him and Leslie was actually a huge part of season one. This relationship was not that compelling or likeable, and Mark definitely didn’t deserve Leslie.

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The first season of this show was kind of rough, and Mark is a big reason for that. Luckily, he was taken out of the show and Ben Wyatt was written in instead. Plus, Mark also ended up dating Ann Perkins. The whole storyline and romantic triangle was weird and unnecessary.


Andy and April are opposites in many ways, but they work perfectly as a couple. While April is sardonic and very much like a cat, Andy is outgoing and kind of like a big puppy. However, the two of them together are really cute. They understand one another’s differences and love each other for who they are. They also go through a lot of growth together. While it took them a little while to get together, when they did, they were one of the best couples on the show.


Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones as Tom Haverford and Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation

One big problem with Parks and Recreation is that they never seemed to know quite what to do with Ann Perkins. She definitely got put with multiple men on the show, even when the decision didn’t take a lot of sense. Tom continually harassed and tried to get Ann to date him, and, so when the two get together, it felt a little gross. They weren’t well-matched as a couple at all, and it definitely felt somewhat out of character for Ann. While they didn’t last long as a couple, their entire relationship was rather cringe-worthy.


Rashida Jones in Parks And Rec

While Leslie and Ann weren’t a romantic couple, since they are both “tragically heterosexual,” their friendship was one of the most consistent and relatable things about the series. Friendships can be just as influential in life as romantic relationships, so showing their loyalty and love for each other was definitely powerful and something many fans loved. They had a few rough moments, but, overall, they were always there for each other and were each other’s main support throughout the years.


Ron has had a lot of bad experiences with Tammy’s. After his horrible marriage to Tammy 1, he ended up with Tammy 2. While it was fun to see Megan Mullally guest star on the show as the pair are actually married in real life, Tammy 2 was also the worst. Tammy 2 is manipulative and conniving and is masterful at manipulating Ron. This is another relationship that’s pretty gross and bordering on abusive.


Adam Scott and Amy Poehler in Leslie and Ben - Best Parks and Rec Episodes

Ben and Leslie are one of the best romantic couples to be on television. The two of the mare both major dorks in their own ways, and they support and love each other very deeply. Ben always supports Leslie’s career and political aspirations, and Leslie does the same for Ben. They are a wonderful example of equality in a relationship, and the episode that showed their wedding was one of the sweetest and best of the entire show.

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