Parks & Recreation: April Ludgate's 10 Most Relatable Quotes

In the umbrella of super relatable NBC comedies, Parks & Recreation hits on all the personality types with almost disturbing accuracy. Let’s get it straight, April Ludgate is just a Big Mood. We’ve all been that fed up with humanity, be it in line at the grocery store or working a 9 to 5 desk job.

While we can’t go around setting people on fire or scheduling appointments for February 30th, we can live vicariously through April’s deadpan musings. Or just live them. College isn’t for everyone and look at how April turned out. She is goals. Here are April Ludgate’s 10 most relatable quotes.

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10 “I hate talking to people.”

This. We’ve all hit that wall where we just want to be a hermit and binge Netflix without having to deal with anyone. Talking to people who aren’t your friends (and sometimes, family) can be a massive drain or downright soul-sucking in a professional environment.

Anyone who worked or works a service job feels this on some visceral level. Honestly, just stop asking questions that take a quick Google search. Gosh.

9 “I love games that turn people against each other.”

We all take visceral satisfaction in watching friends turn against each other. Why else would we watch Mean GirlsOk, so there’s a lot of people who don’t deserve to be treated this way and manipulation isn’t a good thing. But like, come on. We can’t be good people all the time. And we all know people who are just so despicable and rude that you’re counting down until they turn on each other. And when it finally happens? Oh, that sweet retribution.

Or you could be witnessing an intense round of Mario Kart and are very thankful you didn’t jump in. That game ruins friendships.

8 “I only tell the truth when it makes me sound like I’m lying.”

Messing with people is really fun, especially when they’re people you don’t necessarily like and they don’t know you that well. Especially if you’re on a group project and everyone’s a slacker except you. Yeah, you force them to do the extra fact checking!

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We’ve all done this at least once, to parents or distant relatives or to screw with that person who takes 20 items to the express lane. Come on, Karen, read the freaking sign.

7 “What? I love garbage.”

Who cares about context? But hey, no judgment if you do just really like garbage. You’re valid. Fandom culture took this one over, with the rise of “I’m trash for this trash character” and “dumpster fire.” So yeah, super relatable.

Honorable mention to the scene after this. April gets some dirt on a high school mean girl. She finds prescription strength deodorant and a hair dye box in her trash. It’s the greatest day of April’s life. Big mood, girl.

6 “I want to tell people what to do, then send them far away from me.”

Bossing people around can be pretty intoxicating stuff, especially when they actually listen to you. By the end of Parks and Rec, April realized that was her passion in life (aside from being a mortician, but that’s too much learning) is telling others what to do. And she’s good at it.

Being in charge isn’t for everyone and the wrong people get into leadership all the time, but we all kind of like being on top. Just...not forever. Responsibility isn’t fun.

5 “I wasn’t listening to anything you just said.”

Some people like listening to themselves talk. A lot. And you’re always bound to run into at least one person like this in your entire life. The polite thing to do would be nod along and throw in a “Yeah, uh-huh,” every once in a while.

Or you could try to crush their already non-existent self-esteem with this crisp one-liner. Just keep in mind you run the risk of making them angry or getting fired or making them cry. And perfect your deadpan. People respond better when they know you’re joking. Or are you?

...Yeah, keep this one to your close friend circle.

4 “I wanted to make fun of stupid people while I get drunk. My two passions.”

This has got to be some kind of primal ritual we all enjoy taking part in. intelligence is relative so hey, don’t feel too bad. Or take out that pent up aggravation on a dumb movie. Like Battleship. Seriously, what even was that movie?

But seriously, this is the pinnacle of friendship if you can do this with someone else without being judged. A drunk game of Cards Against Humanity will do the same thing, but it’s way more satisfying doing it in real time at a bar and then getting said idiots to buy you a drink. Go full April Ludgate. Get that $118 in fake tips. And then give it to the bar staff because they deserve it more than your tomfoolery does.

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And drink responsibly!

3 “Being a responsible adult sucks butts.”

As soon as you graduate from college, the world gets a little less fun. Making the responsible decisions, financially and socially, can be a drain. And yes, that includes dealing with annoying coworkers on a daily basis (or customers if you’re in a service industry).

Between bills and needing at least four different types of insurance and trying to do laundry before you’re stuck doing five loads on one Sunday...yeah, responsibility kinda sucks.

2 “Thank you, alcohol.”

For when all that responsibility gets to you!

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A nice glass of wine at the end of the day can help you unwind. Just don’t drink to excess, that’s not fun the next day. April learned that the hard way. She didn’t get a hangover for you to do the exact same thing. Learn from her mistakes.

1 “[Dogs] should be rewarded for not being people. I hate people.”

Sure, cat lovers might disagree, but April likes all animals so we can use them pretty interchangeably. Screw this whole “furbaby” shaming, pets spark joy! Pets also don’t talk back, provide unconditional love at all times, bring you presents (though sometimes of the dead squirrel variety), and snuggle with you at inconvenient times.

So yeah, hard agree. Humans are complicated and make bad decisions and can’t agree on anything. Dogs just want food, sleep, and pets. And cats want to rule the house. Reward your pets.

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