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Andy Dwyer's band, Mouse Rat, went through quite a few name changes in Parks and Recreation. The character, played by Chris Pratt, served as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock band. Over the course of the sitcom, the band attempted to rebrand so often that even its die-hard fans (mainly Andy's friends and co-workers) found it hard to keep up.

When Andy was introduced on Parks and Recreation season 1, he was a starving artist (so to speak) with the hope of becoming a famous musician. He was unemployed and living with his girlfriend, Ann Perkins, but he refused to give up on his rock band dream. Mouse Rat's sound was inspired by Dave Matthews Band, while Andy's vocals could be compared to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Despite the band's efforts to reach a wider audience, they never made it outside of Pawnee. Prior to the start of Parks and Rec, the band won the Pawnee Battle of the Bands contest, but at the time the group was known as Scarecrow Boat.

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They held on to the name Mouse Rat for a while and released "The Awesome Album," which Andy tried to sell at his shoeshiner booth in the Pawnee Town Hall building. Around that time, April Ludgate took over as the band's manager. Mouse Rat were known for their vulgar lyrics, but at times they were capable of creating something memorable. In season 3, they got their biggest gig to date by performing "5,000 Candles in the Wind" for Li'l Sebastian's memorial service. It was a long journey up to that point and the band was about to go through a few bumps in the road. Throughout Mouse Rat's history, they went through a number of identity crises. Here are all of the other names besides Mouse Rat that the band used in Parks and Rec:

  • Andy and the D-Bags
  • The Andy Andy Andys
  • Andy Dwyer Experience
  • Angel Snack
  • Crackfinger
  • Death of a Scam Artist
  • Department of Homeland Obscurity
  • Everything Rhymes with Orange
  • Fiveskin
  • Flames For Flames
  • Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants
  • Fourskin
  • God Hates Figs
  • Hand Grill Suicide
  • Jet Black Pope
  • Just The Tip
  • Malice In Chains
  • Muscle Confusion
  • Ninjadick
  • Nothing Rhymes with Orange
  • Penis Pendulum
  • Possum Pendulum
  • Punch Face Champions
  • Puppy Pendulum
  • Rad Wagon
  • Razordick
  • Teddy Bear Suicide
  • Threeskin
  • Two Doors Down
  • Tackle Shaft

Parks and Recreation

Following Mouse Rat's performance at the memorial service, the band broke apart for a bit - or at least, that was what Andy thought. He was focused on his newfound career in the Parks Department when he realized his former band members were still playing, but under the name Rat Mouse. Andy understandably felt betrayed that the band, full of his old friends, would continue without him.

In Parks and Recreation season 6, Andy ran into his former bandmate, Andrew "Burly" Burlinson, and they looked back at their time with Mouse Rat. April then arranged for the band to reunite to perform "5,000 Candles in the Wind" during the Pawnee Unity Concert. The band was joined on-stage by The Decemberists, Ginuwine, Letters to Cleo, Yo La Tengo, Land Ho, and Duke Silver to play the memorial song. Around this time, Andy developed his new persona, Johnny Karate.

When April realized how much her husband missed music, she encouraged Andy to turn Johnny Karate into a career and he did just that. His dream finally came true as he became a famous performer with his TV show, Johnny Karate's Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show.

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