Parks and Recreation: All Of Andy's Personas Explained

Parks & Recreation Andy Dwyer

Here's the story behind all of Andy Dwyer's various personas from Parks and Recreation. Chris Pratt portrayed the character throughout all seven seasons of the NBC sitcom, and although the actor took time off in season 6 to work on Guardians of the Galaxy, he returned before the series concluded in 2015.

Andy started Parks and Rec as Ann Perkins' immature boyfriend, and was a relatively minor character. His role gradually expanded, causing him to be one of the primary characters and subsequently a fan-favorite. Andy was a lovable goofball but he proved himself as a worthwhile friend and co-worker. He also had a very special relationship with April Ludgate, who later became his wife and mother to his children.

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Over the course of Parks and Rec, Andy took on a number of hilarious aliases. His imagination and creative mind were some of his best traits, but some of his alter egos lasted longer than others. Some honorable mentions included Brother Nature, Farts McCool, and Sgt. Thunderfist, MD. Aside from those, here are Andy's most unforgettable personas.

Parks and Recreation

Burt Macklin - Andy's most popular alter ego was Burt Macklin, the law enforcement extraordinaire. As Burt, Andy wore his special sunglasses and FBI jacket to fully pull off the professional persona. Burt was introduced in the Parks and Rec season 2 episode, "Greg Pikitis." He interrogated Leslie Knope's arch-nemesis about vandalization but the teenage boy ended up making Andy cry. Andy portrayed Burt a handful of times over the course of the series, whether to role play with April (aka Janet Snakehole) or on mission's with Leslie if security was needed. Burt Macklin made one last appearance in a flash-forward during the series finale since Andy dressed up as his old alter ego for Halloween.

Andy Radical - In Parks and Recreation season 2, the Parks Department shoe-shinest also deemed himself as Andy Radical, possum tackler. After an infamous possum named Fairway Frank bit the mayor's dog, Leslie was asked to put out a task force to capture the wild animal. Leslie took a group, including Andy, to search for the possum. Andy then found it and tackled the creature. For his heroic action, Andy was interviewed for the local newspaper which included a picture of him and the animal.

Johnny Karate - The persona, Johnny Karate, was created on the spot when Andy had to perform solo at the birthday party for a friend's nephew. The karate-chopping character was a hit with kids in the area which led to Andy getting his own TV show, The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. If more serious issues had to be addressed, he would transform into Jonathan Karate. Over the course of the show's run, Andy taught kids important lessons, more importantly, these five tips for success:

  • Make something
  • Learn something
  • Karate chop something
  • Try something new
  • Be nice to someone

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Sir Andrew Maxwell Dwyer - Andy did one last episode of his Johnny Karate TV show before he and April moved to Washington, D.C. for a new opportunity. During the performance, Andy's friend, Lord Edgar Covington, made a surprise appearance. "Eddie" and Andy previously worked together in London on a charity program in Parks and Recreation season 6 and they became good friends. Eddie officially knighted his friend, making Andy's title, Sir Andrew Maxwell Dwyer. When Ben questioned the legitimacy of Eddie's action, he claimed that the Queen let him do whatever he wanted since he's so rich.

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