Parks and Rec: Every Tammy In Ron Swanson's Life

Ron Swanson had a long history with women named Tammy in Parks and Recreation. Here's a breakdown of Ron's connection to the characters named Tammy.

Ron and Tammys in Parks and Rec

Ron Swanson was one of the most beloved characters from Parks and Recreation, made all the better by "Tammy". The character, played by Nick Offerman, was a man of few words who often kept to himself and didn't have many fears, except for any woman named Tammy.

Ron was the polar opposite when it came to his co-worker, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). The two would argue about their political beliefs, specifically when government-related topics came up. Ron was outspoken in his distaste for the government and he identified as a libertarian. Despite that fact, Ron worked as the head of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, a segment of the government he didn't even think should have existed. As time went on, Ron started to open up more while getting to know his fellow Parks employees. He also started to make positive changes to his personal life.

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In Parks and Rec season 5, Ron met Diane Lewis (Lucy Lawless), a woman who needed help from the Pawnee city employees to help fill a pothole in front of her house. Ron enlisted Andy (Chris Pratt) and the pair personally went to her neighborhood to fix the problem. He then struck up a friendship with Diane which quickly grew romantic, much to the surprise of his co-workers. In season 6, Diane found out she was pregnant so she and Ron immediately got married at City Hall. But that wasn't Ron's first marriage. In fact, he had been married to two other women before Diane. Here's a breakdown of the women named Tammy in Ron's life.

Tammy 1 (Patrica Clarkson)

Parks and Rec

"Tammy One" was Ron's first wife. She was the candy striper at the hospital who helped deliver Ron. He started to date her when he was 15 and claimed that she taught him everything that he knew. The couple later married but their relationship ended in divorce. Tammy 1 terrified Ron and had to power to turn him into a submissive wimp. Tammy 1 could also manipulate anyone who came across her, which she put on display with fellow Parks employees. Tammy 1 eventually became an IRS agent and claimed that Ron was being audited in Parks and Rec season 4. In reality, she returned to Pawnee to find the gold that Ron hid from her.

Tammy 2 (Megan Mullaly)

Nick Offerman and Megan Mulally in Ron and Tammy - Best Parks and Rec Episodes

Ron once described the second Tammy as "a machine created to destroy human happiness." She worked at the Pawnee library and constantly tried to make Ron miserable. Tammy 2 was ruthless when it came to forcing her way into Ron's work and personal life. She was also a master seducer and always forced Ron back into a relationship. The pair were married and divorced twice by the end of the series. Tammy 2 was crazy but she wasn't as scary as Tammy 1. Even Tammy 2 was afraid of Tammy 1, claiming she once threw acid on her foot when she learned of her relationship with Ron. Tammy 2 tried to thwart Ron's budding relationship with Diane but Leslie put a stop to that.

Tammy Swanson (Paula Pell)

Parks and Rec

Neither Tammy 1 nor Tammy 2 marked the first Tammy in Ron's life. That title went to Ron's mother, Tamara Swanson, also known as "Tammy Zero." Ron's mom was a Lumberyard Night Shift Employee and she shared most of her son's anti-government beliefs. In Parks and Rec season 4, Leslie, Andy, and April (Aubrey Plaza) visited Tammy's house to ask for help in rescuing Ron from Tammy 1. She later arrived at the Parks department and challenged Tammy 1 to a "prairie drink-off." Tammy vowed that if she drank more Swanson family mash liquor, then Ron would leave Tammy 1 behind and move back to the farm. Ron saw it as a lose-lose situation so he chugged the liquor and told them both to leave him alone.

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