Parks And Rec: 5 Reasons We Want To Work For The Pawnee Parks And Recreation Department (& 5 We Don't)

The comedy Parks and Recreation follows the namesake department in the city of Pawnee. It’s staffed by a hilarious group of employees who usually do just enough to get by, while assistant director Leslie Knope really does all the work.

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The Pawnee parks and recreation department is an interesting place to work. There’s always a mini crisis happening and it’s never dull. However, the inner workings of the city are very weird and nonsensical. As much as it makes us laugh, we’re not sold on working there. With that in mind, these are 5 reasons we want to work for the Pawnee parks and recreation department and 5 we don’t.

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10 Don't Want: Jeremy Jamm

Councilman Jeremy Jamm was Leslie’s archenemy as she fought to make Pawnee Commons a reality. Jamm stopped Leslie at every opportunity, often using underhanded tactics. He would even take credit for her ideas.

Though we knew Pawnee wasn’t like other cities, we never could figure out how he got elected to the city council. He clearly didn’t care about the people, using his position for money and perks. We can’t imagine a world where we have to work with him everyday.

9 Want: Treat Yo Self

Tom and Donna have a special day once a year where they treat themselves to whatever crazy stuff they desire. We were introduced to it when they took Ben under their wing, hitting the shops at Eagleton for “clothes, fragrances, mimosas, fine leather goods.”

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We’ve always wanted to be friends with Donna, but when we saw “treat yo self,” we really needed to hang out with her. In season seven, the pair took their trip to Beverly Hills, going even bigger. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to work someplace where no one cared if you periodically left to go on a shopping spree?

8 Don't Want: Tom Haverford

Every office has that one guy who never works, but is always there for the parties to get cake. We understand that Tom doesn’t want to be stuck in city government forever, but while he’s there, he could put in more effort.

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He’s not at all helpful. In fact, he puts so much time and energy into not working, he could have just gotten the work done. We just don’t think we could handle doing all our work and his too, just so he can take credit for all of it.

7 Want: No One Ever Gets Fired


At most jobs the employees worry about being fired for making major mistakes. Luckily, if you work in the Pawnee parks department, there’s literally no chance of being fired. Sure, layoffs were a possibility, and Ben resigned so he and Leslie could be together, but no one ever gets straight up fired.

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We think it’s nice that there’s a place that still shows loyalty like that. Considering all the mistakes Jerry and Andy have made, it’s a miracle they still have jobs. We’d love to have the job security of the parks and rec gang.

6 Don't Want: April Ludgate-Dwyer

If you’re one of the people she loves, April is unquestioningly loyal and cool to you. Even though she’s hard on Ben, she likes him, and would do anything to help him. She eventually comes around on Ann, admitting that she loves her before she moves away.

However, if you’re a person she doesn’t like, she’s awful. It’s true that there are some horrible people in Pawnee, but we feel like it would be really stressful to go to work every day, constantly anticipating what April would do to you today.

5 Want: You're Never Actually Working

Though most episodes revolve around the team trying to pull off some amazing event, it also seems like they’re rarely working. First of all, Leslie does all the heavy lifting, so that leaves the team to handle the less important tasks. Secondly, Ron will build whatever you need, which he loves doing.

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Since it’s Pawnee, things often get out of control, then hilarity ensues. With all the nonsense and shenanigans that usually occur, the team isn’t really doing that much work. Bottom line, it’s just a fun place to work.

4 Don't Want: Eagleton Rivalry

Cross town rivalries are nothing new. Every small town has them. In Pawnee, the idea reached new heights in their fights with Eagleton. As Pawnee’s rich next door neighbor, Eagleton used their money to humiliate the town at every turn.

Eventually their lack of financial awareness grew out of control, and to save the whole region, the cities were forced to merge. This led to a place where everyone hated one another. Despite how great their mall is, they’re not nice people and we wouldn’t want to work with them.

3 Want: Leslie Knope

There has never been a character more devoted to their job than Leslie Knope. Every choice she makes is about making Pawnee better. Her focus is unwavering and her hometown pride unmatched.

Leslie makes everyone around her better, while also pushing them to learn new skills and stay motivated. No idea is too big for her to figure out. She expects a lot from her friends, but she never fails to protect them from outside threats. She’s the boss we all wish we had.

2 Don't Want: The Citizens Never Appreciate Your Work

It’s no secret that the wheels of city government run slow. Sometimes it can be impossible to get anything done. For the parks and rec crew, it doesn’t help that the people of Pawnee are so resistant to any sort of change.

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Leslie is constantly trying to make the town healthier and more modern, and these people never thank her for it. In fact, they kicked her off the city council for advocating against giant sodas, and yet another Paunch Burger.

1 Want: Ron Swanson

Even Leslie Knope herself will admit that Ron Swanson is one of the greatest humans on Earth. He’s always saying how he doesn’t care about what happens in his workplace acquaintances lives, and yet he’s consistently helping them solve their personal problems.

If you need someone to tell you the truth about your decisions, Ron Swanson is your man. If you need to find a way to pretend to work, while not actually doing any work, Ron Swanson is the boss you want. Basically, Ron Swanson is the best and most important reason to even consider working at the parks and rec department.

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