Parks and Recreation: All Of Jerry’s Other Names Explained

What's the deal with all of Jerry's different names in Parks and Recreation? We break down the names and explain the stories behind them.

Jerry in Parks and Rec

Here's the story behind all of Jerry's other names in Parks and Recreation. Jim O'Heir portrayed the character beginning with the show's pilot in 2009 and went on to appear in every episode except for one before the sitcom came to an end after its seventh season.

Jerry was considered a recurring character for the first two seasons of Parks and Rec before he moved to the main cast. He was very kind to his co-workers in the Parks Department but he was often the butt of jokes and relentless teasing. Jerry was a bit clumsy which resulted in much of the mocking. Despite the treatment from his peers, they never meant any harm. He had a terrific home life with his wife and three beautiful daughters. By the end of Parks and Rec, the flashforward scene revealed that Jerry went on to become Pawnee's mayor and served 10 terms. He also lived until his 100th birthday but, of course, his name was misspelled on the gravestone.

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Jerry's various names were one of the best running gags within Parks and Recreation. He went by a handful of different names throughout the series for various reasons. It got so confusing, even he wasn't sure which name to use at times. Since Jerry was so submissive, he never argued for his rightful name. Besides "Jerry Gergich," here are all of the other names and the story behind them.

Larry Gengurch - The Parks Department employee was referred to as Jerry up until season 6. After Pawnee and Eagleton merged, Jerry returned to work full-time. With all of the new employees in the office, Jerry wanted everyone to call him by his given name but it true Jerry fashion, he flubbed his own name. In the confusion, April (Aubrey Plaza) decided to start calling him Larry Gengurch. Without fighting back, he let it go and even used the new name in his voicemail message. For a short while, Larry transformed into Lenny as well.

Terry Gergich - A three-year time jump took place at the final moments of Parks and Recreation season 6. It was revealed that Larry moved up to the third floor of the Parks Department to work for Leslie (Amy Poehler). He also decided to go by the name Terry as there was already a Larry in the office. He once again became submissive and didn't fight for his name.

Garry Gergich - Finally, in Parks and Rec's final season, Jerry/Larry/Terry was referred to as his birth name, Garry Gergich. Donna (Retta) wrote "Garry" on the place card for her wedding which caused more playful teasing from his co-workers. April then started calling him Garry and he became ecstatic that after decades, his friends began calling him by his real name.

Mailman Barry - Technically, he didn't go by this name in his everyday life. Mailman Barry was Jerry's character's name in Andy's show The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show throughout the last season. It wouldn't be surprising if people decided to start calling him Barry after Parks and Recreation season 7 ended.

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