Parks & Rec: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

Parks & Rec had a ton of lovable, genuinely hilarious characters, but it had a few supporting members we'd rather forget about.

Parks and Rec is widely known for its colorful cast of characters. While the core crew working within Pawnee have become really well developed over the course of the show, there's also plenty of other individuals we didn't get to see a whole lot of.

However, when these supporting characters were on-screen, there was something very hate-able about them. Whether they were completely wacky and over the top, or just terrible humans, both the characters in the show and the views hated them (although some we learned to love). Here's 10 of the most hated supporting characters in Parks and Rec.

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10 Jean-Ralphio

Jean-Ralphio probably falls into that category of learning to love him and loving to hate him. He's brash, cocky, and way too overconfident for his own good. His habit of singing random sentences is also an incredibly annoying characteristic.

His many business proposals go completely wrong, and it's clear that he just leeches off of the people around him, especially his father and his friend Tom. Although we think he may still deserve a spin-off, he's still an incredibly hated character.

9 Mona-Lisa

Somehow, Jean's sister, Mona-Lisa, might actually be worse than her brother. She has many of the same annoying characteristics, including the really awful singing, but she's also a thief and doesn't really even have the business ambition of her brother.

She gets by in life by manipulating people, throwing tantrums and is just as spoilt a brat as her brother. Much like Jean-Ralphio therefore she has become hated within Pawnee, although some viewers have definitely started to warm to her antics.

8 Craig Middlebrooks

Craig was a relatively latecomer to the Parks and Rec family. However, he was clearly put in by the showrunners to cause chaos in the office and start annoying a lot of people. We have to say though, as time went on he started to mellow and become likable.

When we were first introduced to him though he was really hateable. He was so loud and obnoxious that we just couldn't bear to listen to him any longer. He's portrayed by the super talented Billy Eichner, and we have say that it's some of his best work.

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7 Bobby Newport

Bobby is the quintessential privileged idiot who was handed everything his entire life and doesn't really understand how the world works. When the rich kid pops up on the scene running against Leslie Knope, we immediately began to hate everything he is about.

The only bad thing about that is that the character is portrayed by the charming Paul Rudd, although he has had many attempts at playing complete imbeciles. The level this character would go to for this campaign was ridiculous, especially because he wanted to win just for the sake of it.

6 Jennifer Barkley

Jennifer Barkley is an incredibly strong character with goodwill and a no-nonsense attitude. She's respectable in so many ways, therefore, and we have to think that Leslie also looks at her in this way, since she is achieving a lot of things.

However, she really doesn't care who she steamrolls over to get to where she wants to go. Her advice is sometimes cruel and doesn't consider the feelings of actual people. Her methods and Leslie's are perhaps the exact opposite of one another, and it's why we've come to hate her.

5 Tammy II

If we're talking about manipulation then we've got to mention Tammy II the ex-wife of Ron Swanson. The on-and-off-again romance between the two is hilarious to watch, but we have to feel a bit sorry for Ron after being trapped in this cycle for so long.

Again and again Tammy abuses Ron and then doesn't even mean it when she declares her love. She just wants to make him miserable, and, even when Ron was finally happy in a loving relationship, she tried to ruin that, too.

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4 Tynnyfer

Tynnyfer is everything we hate in a character. She's annoying, completely fake, and has no real personality to speak of except following the trends of the minute. She was brought in as a doppelganger to April, and she loved it.

In fact, April even suggested that Tynnyfer was one of the worst people she had ever met. From her look to even the way her name is spelled, the character was created to be awful in every single way. We're glad she wasn't really around for that long.

3 Dennis Feinstein

Dennis Feinstein has to be one of the most despicable characters in the show, there's not really any redeemable things about him. The rich maker of perfumes is so ridiculously arrogant and pretty cruel to with absolutely no concept of empathy.

It's implied that he actually hunts people as part of some sick sport and even threatens to shoot Ben Wyatt with an actual crossbow. He refuses to give any money to charity and is just about hated in every single capacity.

2 Councilman Jamm

The Councilman definitely doesn't take his job as seriously as Leslie does. In fact, he goes out of his way to block some of her bills just because he wants a better toilet. He's so selfish and he uses his power to really just benefit himself.

Even his friendship with Tom turns out to be completely fake. He takes advantage of him at every turn and isn't even a very well trusted Dentist. He's pretty much the worse the government could offer up to the people of Pawnee.

1 Howard Tuttleman

Howard Tuttleman, who has a radio name we can't really repeat, is an absolute lowlife and probably the worst of society. He represents everything that's wrong with sexist, homophobic, and prejudiced men and lives up the name he chose for himself.

Whether it's his inappropriate radio topics or the crude jingles that he's put together, he shows absolutely no respect to anyone. This character actually represents a lot of genuine people which makes him even scarier and more hated.

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