Parks And Rec: 10 Andy Dwyer Quotes As Ridiculous As He Was

From the wonders of food becoming energy to mysterious disappearing Twix wrappers, Andy has a bizarre anecdote or quote about EVERYTHING.

Parks and Recreation has gone down as one of the most beloved comedy shows ever, largely thanks to its immensely likeable characters. The folks that make up Pawnee's government employees are sweet, funny and incredibly entertaining. One of the most memorable has to be Andy Dwyer.

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Andy started out as a side character before it became clear that he needed to be a main part of the cast. This is the role that helped make Chris Pratt a star and showed the world how funny and charming he could be. Andy is always a highlight of the show and provides some of the funniest moments of all time. Here are the absolute best quotes from Andy on Parks and Recreation.

10 "Did you know that the food you eat becomes energy? Boom! That's spaghetti. Nachos. That's a cookie."

Andy is not the smartest guy around, but he does love to learn. The problem is that he seems to interpret facts and information in a way that is most entertaining to him. He's right that food can be converted into energy, but he's a little confused about how it works.

As he throws out kicks and punches, it's his understanding that those moves represent the food that he's just eaten. Like most of Andy's revelations, it's probably easier just to let him think that it's true. Although it does show that he doesn't have the healthiest eating habits.

9 "If you rearrange the letters of Peru, you could spell Europe."

Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt

Andy's lack of understanding of even the most basic knowledge is oddly charming. He is like a big kid who, thanks to his friendship with smart people, is learning more and more each day. He gets excited when he thinks he's figured something out on his own, even though it is rarely correct.

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As a man in his thirties, he really should know how to spell Europe. But if he doesn't know by now, he at least seems to understand how to misspell it in a way that makes sense. That's as much as we can ask for from Andy.

8 "Oh, yeah! Shock wire! I call it that 'cause if you take a shower and touch the wire, you die!"

So much of what Andy does and how he lives makes you wonder how he is not already dead. He eats junk food constantly. He doesn't take care of himself. He is incredibly accident-prone. It's really no surprise that his home does not pass the safety test.

As Ron looks around Andy and April's home, he notices that there is exposed wire in the shower. Andy laughs it off, thinking of it all as a game. The fact that he knows it is deadly either makes it somewhat better or much worse.

7 "When I get bummed out, I take my shirt off because the bad feelings make me feel sweaty."

Andy might seem like a carefree guy who lives life moment to moment, but the truth is that he experiences stress just like anyone else. Sometimes things don't go his way and he has to deal with the disappointment. Of course, he deals with those feelings in an unusual way.

Nervous sweating is normal enough for some. Stripping your shirt off in an office place is a different choice entirely. It's a perfect example of how watching Andy's antics can be hilarious, but if there was a real person like this, you might want to keep your distance.

6 "Just remember, every time you look up at the moon, I too will be looking at a moon. Not the same moon, obviously. That’s impossible."

Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt - Best Parks and Rec Episodes

Even when he is being romantic, Andy just can't help but be Andy. When he decides to take a temporary job in England, Andy and April need to part ways for a little while. It is a genuinely touching moment for these two characters that have formed a loving romance over the years.

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As they are preparing to say their goodbyes, Andy gives April some final sweet words to let her know they will still be connected despite the distance between them. Although, he seems to think there is more than one moon. Simple mistake.

5 "I once ate a Twix with the wrapper on it and I've never seen the wrapper come out."

Aubrey Plaza as April and Chris Pratt as Andy in Parks and Recreation

Even though he is constantly --and sometimes seriously-- injuring himself, Andy is not too keen on regular doctor visits. So, when April finally forces him to go after potentially suffering a concussion, he decides to make the most of it. He proceeds to list a whole host of shocking medical issues he's been living with recently.

The incident with the Twix candy bar raises the most questions. Why would he eat the wrapper? Was it on purpose? Where is that wrapper now? Very serious and disturbing questions.

4 "Burt Macklin, FBI. The best damn agent they had, until I was framed for a crime I didn't commit: Stealing the President's rubies."

As if Andy wasn't delightful enough, he also has a slew of colorful and entertaining personas he likes to bust out every now and then. The most memorable is his world-class FBI agent Burt Macklin, who has been called into action on several occasions when Pawnee had a mystery to solve.

Andy obviously loves playing the role, though he doesn't seem to have a great grasp on his backstory. He seems to be making it up as he goes and mixing in whatever spy movie knowledge he has at his disposal.

3 "I don't know who Al Gore is, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask."

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation

Andy cares about a lot of things. He cares about April and his dog first and foremost. He cares about his friends and he cares about his music. With all those things on his mind, it's okay if he doesn't care too much about modern politics.

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After finding out one of Ron's biggest secrets, Andy decides to make it even by admitting some of his biggest secrets. Amongst the hilarious and shocking revelations, Andy admits he doesn't know who Al Gore is. That's a very honest thing to admit.

2 "Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have "network connectivity problems.""

Chris Pratt is a charismatic action hero these days, but his persona of a lovable goofball and comedic genius was cemented with Andy. As you can see in the various behind-the-scenes videos and bloopers, Pratt is a great improviser, often coming up with some of the best jokes himself.

This improvised line when Andy tries to Google Leslie's flu symptoms is so hilarious, the writers of the show have admitted being jealous of Pratt for coming up with it. It's so simple yet so brilliant.

1 "I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything."

The government of Pawnee is filled with people who seem to make matters worse, but Andy probably tops them all. If not for his lovable, good-natured attitude, he would have been fired long ago. In fact, he probably still should have been fired many times before.

However, it is his ability to make things go so unbelievably wrong that makes him so funny. When he becomes Leslie's assistant, it takes him mere minutes to create a disaster. Breaking "everything" while making ramen is something only Andy could accomplish.

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