Paris Hilton's Ex Covers Up His Paris Tattoo With... a Gorilla

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's ex-fiancé Chris Zylka has proved he has officially moved on from the relationship as he has covered up the "Paris" tattoo on his arm with something a little less sentimental: a tattoo of a gorilla. This is officially the end of the engaged couple.

Hilton, one of the most recognizable and iconic reality TV stars, gained fame from A Simple Life with co-star Nicole Richie. The premise of the show observed the two affluent and spoiled women as they are sent off to do low-paying and manual labor jobs. The show aired back in 2003 and ran for a total of 5 seasons. Hilton has grown since that show, becoming a world-renowned businesswoman and entrepreneur, making billions off her fragrance business since 2004. She has since gone on to open her own beach club resorts all over the world. The reality TV star has also done plenty of acting, singing, and most recently, DJ'ing. She has since gone back to TV many times with Paris Hilton's My New BFF and The World According to Paris. 

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According to People34-year-old actor and model, Chris Zylka, began dating 38-year-old Hilton and things got serious pretty fast, as he decided to surprise her back in July 2017 with a tattoo on his forearm of her first name, "Paris," in the iconic Disney font. Hilton went to social media to gush over her then-boyfriend in a now-deleted Instagram post, writing, "My love surprised me & got my name tattooed in #Disney font. And said cause I’m his most magical place on Earth & he finally found his fairytale princess." Then, in January 2018, the couple got engaged in Aspen, Colorado, where Chris proposed to Hilton with a $2 million dollar ring. Hilton and Chris set a date to wed in November of 2018, but they decided to push the wedding back. However, Hilton got cold feet and realized that she didn't want to get married to Chris, calling off the wedding for good.

Chris Zylka

In a recent photo of Chris, taken after getting tattooed at Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop in Markham, Ontario, it appears he got a cover-up tattoo done. On the left forearm, where there used to be the Disney "Paris" tattoo and a realistic lion right above it, there is a large new tattoo in its place - a realistic tattoo design of a gorilla.

It seems as though Chris has finally rid himself of all evidence of his past relationship and engagement with A Simple Life star Hilton. She, on the other hand, decided to keep Chris' engagement ring. It's still unclear as to why Chris decided to ink a gorilla on his forearm permanently, but assuming he just wanted all traces of his ex-fiancée off his arm as a reminder of the failed romance, a gorilla tattoo is as good as any.

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Source: People

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