Paranormal Activity Adds More Showtimes and Theaters

Paramount's small-scale, VERY low budget supernatural horror film, Paranormal Activity, has been playing in various different cities for a few weeks now. At first the film was only playing in a handful of cities, but has been progressively expanding to more and more places. The movie's forward motion has been pretty much due to continued demand from a clearly scare-hungry audience out there, fueled not least by word that the movie is genuinely frightening.

Today we learn that Paranormal Activity is getting an even WIDER release than before, going from midnight screenings on weekends, to playing all day in various cities across the country.

Last weekend (Thursday at midnight through to Sunday) Paranormal Activity expanded to 33 cities, and apparently it ended up making $16,000 per screening for a total gross of about $535,000. So beginning Friday, October 9th, Paranormal Activity will be playing in over 40 markets at all hours of the day, including the much-sought-after midnight screenings. I guess the late night/early morning feeling of post-film unease is appealing to a lot of people...

As stated before, this grass-roots expanse is pretty much due to "overwhelming demand," through the film's official website, where you can go to "demand" the movie be brought to a theater near you. "The fans have spoken, and we are listening," said Paramount Pictures Vice Chairman Rob Moore. Speak with your wallets, people, and the studio will listen!

It's very rare that a film as small as this (especially amongst the plethora of other horror flicks that flood the market this time of year) generates this much demand. But something about Paranormal Activity seems to have struck a chord with just about everyone who's gotten a chance to see it. I've yet to have the privilege of being scared by the film, but word is it's well worth checking out (read our own Kofi Outlaw's review). Hopefully this limited release will generate a full-scale wide release, so that everyone (that's old enough, of course) can see the film without inconvenience of a local theater not playing it.

Have you had a chance to check out Paranormal Activity yet? If not, will you see it now?

Remember, if the film isn't yet playing at a theater near you, you can "Demand It!" at the film's website. Trust us, it works!

As stated, Paranormal Activity will start screening at all hours (instead of just at midnight) in over 40 markets on October 9th, 2009 (this Friday).

Source: ComingSoon

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