Paranormal Activity: The Story Explained in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]

Want to prepare for 'Paranormal Activity 4'? Our video explains the entire 'Paranormal Activity' storyline in just 3 minutes.

Paranormal Activity 4 Story Explained

Psycho made you afraid of the shower. Jaws made you scared of the ocean. And after seeing Paranormal Activity, a lot of people thought twice about the everyday creaks and bumps in their homes. Five years later, the franchise is still going strong with Paranormal Activity 4.

Paranormal Activity 2&3 built on the mythology of the first film, but given their narrative positioning (as prequel-sequels) it can be hard to keep the story straight. To get you psyched up for PA4 (and remind you what the story actually is) we’ve distilled the first three films and  trailers for the fourth into three spine-tingling minutes.

It’s all in chronological story order, starting with Part 3 when Katie and Kristi are children, then moving on to Part 2 with grownup Kristi’s family - and finally, the original Paranormal Activity with Katie and her boyfriend Micah. Of course, in addition to the story bits, we've also included some of the series' best scares as well. Will a character get demon-thrown into the camera in Paranormal Activity 4? We'll just have to wait and see.

Paranormal Activity 4 Story Explained

In the meantime, we're not going to dwell on the fact that the entire plot of this three (now four)-part series can be so easily distilled into three minutes - after all, the various set piece scares are really the driving force behind this franchise, right?

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Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters October 19, 2012.

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