Paranormal Activity Producers Developing 'The Jealous One'

It looks like that little mega low-budget supernatural horror flick, Paranormal Activity, is working out very well for those involved. On top of director/writer/editor/producer Oren Peli moving on to Area 51, a couple of PA's other producers, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider, are "close" to selling a spec script called The Jealous One.

Sometimes those smaller films can work wonders...

Based on the 1985 Celia Fremlin book of the same name, The Jealous One is described as a Hitchcockian thriller about a wife who dreams she murders a woman who might be tempting her husband, only to find that the woman has actually disappeared. Sidney Kimmel Entertainment is close to acquiring the spec script, written by newcomer Carey Malloy.

THR's Risky Biz Blog reports that along with The Jealous One, Blum and Schneider are busy with other projects as well: Blum produced the upcoming Dwayne Johnson fantasy family comedy, Tooth Fairy (oh boy...) and is producing the in-development horror film, Refuge. Schneider is equally as busy, producing both the loan-shark thriller Sacred Prey, and the horror film, The Colony. Along with Blum and Schneider, Jealous will be produced by Ian Levy.

The Jealous One is said to represent a rare occurrence in the movie development world - "a spec sale." It was once a regular thing, but more recently studios have been opting to acquire already established branded properties, which they toss in a writer's lap. The producers almost went with just a pitch for the film, because it was already a book, but then thought better of it and decided to develop the script first, because of how unlikely it is for studios to buy a pitch from an unknown.

On top of the producers who are selling the spec, the folks they're selling it to, SKE, will benefit greatly from The Jealous One. The indie banner has recently scaled back because of the credit crunch, and Jealous would represent their first forward-motion project in some time. They've been behind a slew of indie "darlings" such as Synecdoche, New York, Lars and the Real Girl, and Adventureland.

I'm betting that without Paranormal Activity, there wouldn't be as much interest in The Jealous One. Of course, if it's good enough on its own terms, then it would have gotten picked up anyway. But PA surely gave it a boost in the interest department. I'm always for films that are described as "Hitchcockian" (even if it's often an overstatement to compare a film to the late-great master filmmaker's work), so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

Now if we can just get Paranormal Activity the full release it deserves...

(Just a reminder, if Paranormal Activity isn't playing near you, you can "Demand It!" at the film's official website. There's word going around that if it gets a million demands, the studio will give it a full theatrical release. C'mon, people, get demanding!

What do you think of The Jealous One? Do you think Paranormal Activity helped get it attention or would it have gotten attention no matter what?

Source: THR's Risky Biz Blog

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