Paranormal Activity: The Original Ending


We recently did a post about the alternate endings to Paranormal Activity, which, apparently, there are a few of. In that post, we described the original ending to the film, which was different from the "dead body hurled at the camera" climax that many of us saw in the theatrical version that Paramount put out.

The original ending (which we here at Screen Rant have dubbed the "Katie Myers Ending") was more along the lines of something out of Rob Zombie's Halloween films (hence the nickname), rather than a fitting finale to a creepy ghost story. Of course that was just MY take on the matter - now you too can be the judge, as the original "Katie Myers Ending" to Paranormal Activity has manifested online!

It goes without saying that what you're about to see is a MAJOR SPOILER, which should only be viewed by those who have already seen Paranormal Activity and are simply curious about how the film originally finished off. It's also somewhat gory, and is not for those prone to nightmares.

The following clip picks up on the last day/night of the haunting, leading into main character Katie's final spiral downward into possession, and ultimately the tragic fate of her dutiful boyfriend, Micah. Check it out:

Now I know that some of you have said that you liked this original ending, but personally, I'm glad they changed it to what they did. If I had seen this original ending, I probably would've ended up in the "hate it" camp along with all the other people that didn't love Paranormal Activity.

What don't I like about this original ending? Too long, too slow, and not scary at all. If you didn't have the theatrical ending ruined by the movie's trailer, then Micah's body flying at the camera was a jump-in-your-seat shock and Katie's "demon walk" across the room just sealed the deal on creepy.

Of course there are other unseen endings to Paranormal Activity out there - we'll keep you posted whenever and wherever the footage pops up.

Source: YouTube (thanks to Cinematical for finding it)

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