Box Office Bankers: 'Paranormal Activity' & 'This Is It'

And so we move on to another popular film, the assembled last-ever footage of the late, great, Michael Jackson. Controversial initial projections from AEG (the concert promoter for what would have been Jackson's last tour if he hadn't passed away) said that the film would gross $250 million in five days, something which was quickly shot down by the studio, Sony. The film didn't quite hit that mark, grossing about $100 million in its first five days, which is still not bad for a film patched together from rehearsal footage of a never-performed music concert.

However, fast forward almost another two weeks and Paramount Pictures has announced that This Is It has crossed the $200 million worldwide box office mark. The film has taken $61 million domestically, and a whopping $140 million internationally. Particular markets where the film has been successful include Japan ($27.2 million), UK ($14.3 million), Germany ($12.1 million), France ($12.1 million) and Australia ($7.2 million).

Here's what Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution had this to say about the film and its success:

"Moviegoers and film critics everywhere have truly embraced this celebration of Michael Jackson and his music. This special film documents Michael's creative genius. We are seeing repeat business throughout the world because this movie is so rich with Michael performing his most renowned and recognized songs while offering such a unique, never-before-seen perspective on his artistry. Kenny Ortega and the filmmaking team did a brilliant job of capturing Michael creating a masterwork and it's a genuine thrill to see audiences respond to the film as they have."

I saw This Is It last week, and even as someone who wasn't a die hard Jackson fan (I dug his music, but I wouldn't go crazy over it), I still really appreciated seeing the last ever footage of him up on stage, doing what he did best. And I'm not surprised other people have shared my sentiment and headed out to see the film, evidently in large numbers.

Once the film leaves theaters (it was originally supposed to run for just two weeks, but look at what box office success does...), I'm confident it will do well on DVD, particularly with die-hard MJ fans, who will watch the swan song of a legendary performer again and again (and again and again...).

SIDE NOTE: This Is It will be released on DVD sometime in 2010 after it was pushed back from its original December release date.

What do you think of the success of both Paranormal Activity and This Is It? Have you seen either of them? Do they deserve the success they've gotten, money-wise?

Source: /Film and ComingSoon

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