Add Your Name to the ‘Paranormal Activity’ DVD Credits

Paramount asked the public to demand that Paranormal Acitivity be played in their hometowns and the public did just that by not only pushing the supernatural thriller to the number one position against Saw VI, but also helping it become the most profitable independent film ever made.

As of now, Paranormal Activity has earned almost 6,000 times its original production budget of $15,000; as a expression of gratitude to moviegoers around the world, Paramount wants to make sure that you, the fans, are personally thanked for all your support by allowing you to submit your name to be featured in the “Thank You” section of the film's credits when it’s released on DVD.

"The success of Paranormal Activity would not have been possible without the million-plus fans who went to the official website and demanded the movie in their home town. They demanded the movie and they got it. So now we are giving them credit where credit is due."

While no dates have been announced for the DVD release of Paranormal Activity, those interested in having their names included in the credits have until Monday (11/9/09) at Noon (Pacific Standard Time) to visit this site and register your name. Hopefully the DVD will not only include the names of all the fans, but also Paranormal Activity's original ending, as well as the alternate endings and recut scenes.

After submitting myself to the website, I couldn’t help but notice some familiar names…

Bea O'ProblemMaya NormusbuttAl Coholic

It seems that many patrons of Moe’s Tavern in Springfield, [INSERT STATE NAME] are fans of Paranormal Acitivty. And why wouldn’t they be… I’m sure one thing they’re not used to in that town is an entertaining movie (cough – The Simpons Movie – cough).

Still, if you want your name to be included in the DVD credits, you better hurry as you’ve only got 3 days left.

Paranormal Activity is now playing nationwide

Source: Paramount [via: Shock Till You Drop]

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