Paranormal Activity Coming To DVD & Blu-ray Dec. 29th

It's barely been a few months since all the hype for Oren Peli's super-low budget, Paranormal Activity, a film which has been described as "the scariest movie of all time" by some people (a claim refuted by many, including many of our own Screen Rant readers).

And now Paramount is bringing Paranormal Activity to DVD and Blu-ray already, with a release date set of December 29th this year. That's less than three months since the film began its very limited theatrical run - I guess they want to capitalize on the buzz around the film by releasing it as close to the theatrical release as possible.

After successful marketing campaign that included a "Demand It!" feature (meaning people could request the movie be brought to a theater near them if it wasn't already playing there), the Paranormal Activity went on to be a massive hit, becoming one of the most financially successful films ever (in terms of budget to profit ratio), making over $100 million on a tiny budget of $15,000.

Paranormal Activity will be released on DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray, with the only special features announced so far being an alternate ending to the one seen in theaters (although the original will obviously be included, too). There's no word on which one of the alternate endings it will be, but I predict we'll hear word soon of them all being included (at least we can hope for that...). The Blu-ray will also include a digital copy, which I assume is what's on the second disc that's included in that edition. Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting, check out the artwork for both the DVD and the Blu-ray below:

One little bonus for fans of the film is the fact that some of their names will appear on the "Thank you" section of the film's end credits. Unfortunately, if you didn't catch wind of that news earlier this month, you're out of luck as the deadline was over two weeks ago. But I like that Paramount decided to offer that reward - as was quoted, the fans were the ones who made the film as successful as it was by demanding the film and going to see it, so thanking them is only courteous.

Will you be buying Paranormal Activity on DVD or Blu-ray? Do you like that they're dedicating a "Thank you" section to fans of the film? Are you surprised the movie is hitting store shelves as quick as it is?

As stated, Paranormal Activity is released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 29th, 2009.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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