New 'Paranormal Activity 4' Teaser; Vote for a Preview Screening Near You

Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser


Like Saw before it, the Paranormal Activity franchise has been a mainstay of the Halloween time movie going experience, and that train is not stopping any time soon, but continuing on with Paranormal Activity 4. A brief teaser trailer for the film was released not that long ago that set up some of the storytelling perspectives viewers will be treated to by PA 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, and we have yet another teaser to whet any horror fans' appetite.

The teaser itself isn't as substantial as the one that precluded it, but still gives a good sense of the scares that audiences will get to enjoy. In the first trailer, it appeared that Paranormal Activity 4 might play with perspectives and moment-capturing devices, much in the same way Paranormal Activity 3 did with its multi-cam set-up, but this teaser in comprised of mostly handheld footage.

Our only real substantial hint towards the story in PA 4 is the tagline "What Really Happened?" Unfortunately that loaded question could be in reference to the vacant time between Katie and Kristi's experience with the demonic force as teens, or it could be in regards to grown-up Katie's exploits with her nephew Hunter. Our hope is that new writer Zack Estrin gives us a combination of both.

Part of the appeal of the Paranormal Activity franchise, beyond some base-level jump scares, rests in its ability to neatly tie elements of past films in with the current one. Obviously there's a diminishing return on being able to successfully pull that off, so luckily there's a compelling story to also keep us going. There were a lot of unanswered questions at the end of Paranormal Activity 3, and we hope to have most, if not all, of them answered in this sequel.

Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser

The real intent of the trailer, however, is to jump start the campaign to request a screening of Paranormal Activity 4 in a participant's hometown. That first film, directed by Oren Peli, owes a lot of its success to grass roots movements (our own Kofi Outlaw was among the first to review the film) and isn't shying away from that tried and true formula (neither is the marketing).

Through the Paranormal Activity 4 Facebook page, hopeful pre-release screening attendees can cast their vote for such an event to take place in their hometown. Those events are going to encompass 25 lucky (or unlucky depending on your perspective on the films) towns - who will get to see the film before anyone else.

For anyone interested, head on over to the Paranormal Activity 4 Facebook page, which conveniently has already tracked your location, and cast your vote.


Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters on October 19, 2012.

Source: Paranormal Activity - YouTube

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