'Paranormal Activity 3' Trailer Promises More Demonic Scares

the full length trailer for paranormal activity 3

At this point most moviegoers know whether or not they're fans of the Paranormal Activity franchise - but that hasn't stopped those who haven't been frightened and/or intrigued by the first two films from expressing their displeasure over the upcoming Paranormal 3.

On the other hand, fans of the franchise (including yours truly) have for the most part been enthused by the creepy atmosphere of the Paranormal Activity 3 teaser trailer and the viral clips that have recently surfaced online. Today, we have the full Paranormal Activity 3 trailer to share.

For those who are not yet aware: PA3 is actually a prequel to the first two films. This time around, we will learn how sisters Katie (the victim-turned-demon from PA1) and Kristi (the victim of PA2) were terrorized as kids by the demonic entity that would later return and shatter their adult lives. As we know from the first two films, the young girls emerge from the events of this prequel with little to no memory of what occurred - and judging by the chilling events depicted in this Paranormal Activity 3 trailer, there's good reason to forget:


At the very least, you gotta love the Poltergeist reference.

One (fair) criticism that has often been leveled against these films is that they are a slow-burn build to a quick-flash violent ending. That was certainly true for PA1, though PA2 did have a few more moments of ghostly chills. However, based on the scenes glimpsed in this latest trailer, PA3 will be upping the amount of demonic terror and mayhem by a good margin. From the "bump game" in the (hopefully) early scenes to the requisite "supernatural expert" getting his head bashed in, it seems the demon in PA3 will be meaner and (thankfully) much quicker about his work.

That hint of more chills and thrills is likely insufficient to lure those who already dislike this franchise - but for the rest of us, PA3 looks like it's going to be a bit of good Halloween fun.

Paranormal Activity 3 will be in theaters on October 21st.

BONUS: Want to see Paranormal Activity 3 in your city first? Check out the rules for Paramount's new Twitter contest and you may get your wish!

In an unprecedented move, Paramount Pictures will debut PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 exclusively in cities where the most fans “Tweet To See It First”. This first ever of its kind campaign launched today at 8:00 a.m. PDT and is open to fans worldwide. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 will premiere on October 18th in the top 20 cities with the most tweets, 3 days before the film’s global release.

To vote, fans can go to and select their city from a global map, which will also serve as the point of entry to create a tweet with a special set of hash tags that link directly to twitter. Once a tweet posts, it counts as a vote. A leader board will show the top 20 global markets in real-time.

The “Tweet To See It First” competition is available to audiences worldwide and ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT on Thursday, October 13th. The top 20 cities will be announced on Friday, October 14th.


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