Paranormal Activity 2 Viral Clips & Demand It Contest [Update]

Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer

[Update: Thanks to reader "liftedhearts" for pointing us toward more viral clips!]

The filmmakers behind Paranormal Activity 2 have been playing things close to the vest when it comes to revealing what lies in store for moviegoers this October.

Based on what little we learned from the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer, the sequel to last year's hugely successful micro-budget movie will once again be shot in home video style, will once again feature "creaky house" scares and the idea of demonic possession.

Beyond those obvious plot points, little is known about what, exactly, Paranormal Activity 2 will be about. Of course, the filmmakers are clearly hoping that the mystery surrounding the film combined with the name recognition and the promise of a few good scares are exactly the right bait to hook viewers into showing up in theaters. And I have to admit, so far they're not doing a half-bad job.

Today brings some new viral clips for Paranormal Activity 2, which build on the scant few details offered by the first trailer. Leaked to the press hounds currently enjoying the genre film convention Fantastic Fest, one viral clip features the seemingly imperiled baby wandering the house alone, another features the dutiful K-9 in the nursery seated next to an ominous mirror, and the third shows that baby getting into some actual peril.

Check out the clips below:

What I'm liking about this sequel (so far) is that the filmmakers - director Tod Williams and writers Micheal R. Perry and Chris Landon - are building well on the universe created by Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli, by adding certain devices which are usually horror movie gold when employed effectively: imperiled babies, animals and mirrors. And though it's only speculation at this point, the quick-cut footage in the trailers and these viral clips suggest that Paranormal Activity 2 might also include demonic Katie as its returning monster - also not a bad thing to have in successful horror franchise (an iconic villain).

People are still split over Paranormal Activity, but I'm betting that enough people love this franchise and will be intrigued enough by this latest chapter to make the movie a successful venture. Especially if the studio once again kept the production budget on the cheap side - easy money to be made, and we might even get an enjoyable film, to boot.


You Demand It!

Paranormal Activity 2 free download

Those who can remember back to last year surely remember that Paranormal Activity got started on its slow run to box office glory with a "Demand It" campaign in which fans voted online for the movie to be shown at their local theaters.

Well, Paranormal Activity 2's Demand It Campaign is already underway: if you want the movie to be screened at a theater near you before anyone else has the chance to see it then click on the link below to cast your vote (and if you're really motivated, send your friends over to the this page to do the same ;-) ):




You can cast your vote up until 11:59 p.m. October 13th, and the top twenty cities with the most votes will win screenings on the film to be held on October 20th, two days before Paranormal Activity 2 will be theaters.

The contest is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents ages 17 and over. Winning cities will be announced on October 15th.

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