Three New 'Paranormal Acitivity 2' TV Spots

Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Trailer Frame

Paramount Pictures is hoping that lightning (and by that we mean, box office gold) strikes twice when it unleashes the supernatural horror sequel, Paranormal Activity 2, in theaters this week.

Three new TV spots have been released for the second Paranormal Activity flick and they confirm what the most recent trailer indicated: that the followup will maintain the low-budget aesthetic and mockumentary structure of its predecessor.

A short clip from Paranormal Activity 2 was released the other day and it confirmed that Katie from the first film is indeed back in-the-flesh for the sequel. PA 2 revolves around the young woman's relatives and in-laws, who set up security cameras around their house after they experience what seems to be a series of strange "break-ins." Is the (possibly still) demonically-possessed Katie the cause of it all? Could a different kind of supernatural force be at work? And how does Hunter - Katie's infant nephew - fit into all this?

One of the new PA 2 TV spots features a Bloody Disgusting quote that claims the film has "an ending you'll have to see to believe." The sequel will certainly have to deliver quite that shocking conclusion if it wants to upstage the final shot from the original Paranormal Activity (which we included in our Best Shared Movie Moments feature back in August).

Check out the new Paranormal Activity 2 TV spots below:

The budget for PA 2 was approximately $2.75 million - which is enormous in comparison to the $11,000 cost of its predecessor - so the scary movie sequel will easily be a profitable undertaking for Paramount. While the hype and "must-see" factor of the original Paranormal Activity's marketing campaign are not as prominent for the followup, enough moviegoers should turn out to see the next chapter in the PA series to all but ensure that a Paranormal Activity 3 will be made as well.

Will PA 2 be scarier or duller than the first Paranormal Activity, now that fans have a better idea of what to expect? It could easily go either way, for better or for worse - only a day and a half left now until we get to find out for certain.

Paranormal Activity 2 arrives in regular theaters and (believe it or not) begins a limited run in IMAX theaters in the U.S. on October 22nd, 2010.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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