'Paranormal Activity 2' Trailer #3 Offers More Story

Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer

The marketing campaign for Paranormal Activity 2 has focused primarily on keeping moviegoers in the dark about what exactly the plot of the supernatural horror sequel will entail.

A series of viral clips released this past week only confirmed what we have suspected since seeing the first trailer - that the baby Hunter is an important player in Paranormal Activity 2.  Now a third trailer has been unveiled and it paints a clear picture of the film's general plot.

The original Paranormal Activity was a micro-budgeted mockumentary that was composed of handicam  footage shot by a young couple - Micah and Katie - who were played by actors of the same names as to play up the illusion that the film was "real" when the couple slowly begin to suspect that they're being haunted by a demonic presence.

It would seem that Paranormal Activity 2 will ape its predecessor's approach, as it too involves home video and security camera footage.  This time around, the victims are that of the baby Hunter and his family - whom it turns out are related to Katie from the first film (is she Hunter's aunt, perhaps?).

Check out the new trailer below and see what we mean:


Those who remember Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, the sequel to The Blair Witch Project - a.k.a. the original ultra-low-budget, fake horror documentary that could - may recall that it did not expand on the events of its predecessor in any fashion.  Book of Shadows was instead just a cheap, uninspired pic that was low on legitimate scares and attempted to exploit moviegoers' adoration for its predecessor.

Paranormal Activity 2 may not be a masterpiece in the making, but it does look to tie into the events of the first film and retain the same minimalistic scare tactics that proved effective before.  Moviegoers may be less interested in checking the sequel out now that the novelty factor of the first Paranormal Activity is gone, but it looks like director Todd Williams and his screenwriters - Michael R. Perry and Chris Landon - will actually deliver a decent followup after all.

Paranormal Activity 2 arrives in theaters in the U.S. on October 22nd, 2010.

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