New 'Paranormal Activity 2' Trailer Has More Than Meets The Eye

Paranormal Activity 2 (missing) baby

Paramount Pictures has kept the plot of its upcoming supernatural horror sequel, Paranormal Activity 2, thoroughly under wraps.  The recently-released second teaser does not so much hint at the film's plot as it requires viewers to literally dissect the short preview in order to learn anything new.

Paranormal Activity was a micro-budgeted project that became a hit sensation following a unique viral advertising campaign that promoted the feature as an utterly terrifying filmgoing experience.  The marketing scheme for the sequel has been more minimalist in design and has virtually gone out of its way to keep moviegoers in the dark about everything related to the movie.

What is know is that Paranormal Activity 2 was directed by indie filmmaker Tod Williams and scripted by Michael R. Perry.  Who exactly stars in the movie is another question - even Katie Featherston (Katie in the first Paranormal Activity) has not been officially confirmed as a cast member.

The original Paranormal Activity 2 teaser was composed of footage from the conclusion of its predecessor and security camera shots of a different house - with particular focus on a nursery that was populated by a baby, German Shepherd, and a woman who may or may not be Katie.  Watch the new teaser below and see if you can spot anything else on your first viewing:

Chances are the only difference you noticed between this new teaser and the original one was the reverse-motion footage at the end.  MTV meticulously broke down and analyzed this second trailer frame by frame and discovered a handful of intriguing, if enigmatic, Easter eggs.

First, here is a better look at the mystery woman that appears briefly - and the baby whose reflection in the mirror is visible, even when he (or she) is not actually visibly present in the room:

Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Trailer Frame

Is it a possessed Katie?  The baby's mother?  Or a entirely different, possibly possessed woman?  Nothing is clear at this point - other than the fact that the baby seems to be important to the plot of Paranormal Activity 2, as is also implied by the next image that appears very briefly in the teaser:

Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer

Who is leaping out at the baby in this frame?  Is it the woman from before?  One of the child's parents?  Why is the kid outside?  And who is the individual with the green thumbnail, holding the baby in this next "don't blink and you'll still miss it" image from the new teaser?

Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer

The marketers for Paranormal Activity 2 have taken what could be dubbed the "Cloverfield approach": reveal as little information as possible in order to pique the interest of moviegoers and convince them to check out the film in theaters - if only so they can find out just what exactly the movie is about.

Paranormal Activity 2 arrives on October 22nd, 2010 - just in time for Halloween.  We shall have to wait until then to find out how excited moviegoers are to discover the secrets of this sequel.

Source: Paramount Pictures (via MTV)

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