SR Pick [Video]: 'Paranormal Activity 2: Enter The Damon'

paranormal activity 2 enter the matt damon

Our own former Screen Ranter Scott Miller has been making a foray into comedic videos as of late, the last one being a spoof of the George Clooney assassin film The American, which was transformed into "The Canadian" much to the amusement of thousands of viewers.

With Paranormal Activity 2 - arguably the horror movie event of 2010 - hitting theaters this week, our good friend Scotty M. and his troupe, now operating under the banner of "Tramway Allstars", has put together a new spoof that skewers the Paranormal Activity concept.

What's the only thing more terrifying than having your girlfriend possessed by a demon? Having her become obsessed with a Damon, a charming and chisel-featured organic entity, known for its acclaimed acting, good looks and calming voice tones.

This entity first appeared on the scene in the late '80s, but amassed the bulk of its powers a decade later after it created the phenomenon known as Good Will Hunting, which spread its influence all over the world. Today you can find it on almost every other movie theater screen and on magazine covers the world over; at the moment,  its power shows no signs of abating.

Check out what happens when one lucky couple is caught under the Damon's influence:


Did you catch all of the Matt Damon references that were laced throughout that video? Can you match them to their corresponding Matt Damon movies?

For more videos from our own Scotty Millz, go HERE. If you haven't yet seen the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer, be sure to do that as well.

Paranormal Activity 2 hits theaters Friday, October 22nd. If you want to try and see the movie a day early (for free), you can sign up to do so HERE.

Source: Tramway Allstars

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