New 'Paranormal Activity 2' Clip & Free 'Paranormal Activity' Download

Paranormal Activity 2 free download

Chances are if you were a fan of last year's hit horror film Paranormal Activity then you'll be looking forward to more night terrors from its sequel, which is due out this week. Initially the idea of a sequel displeased a lot of people but the promos for the movie so far have all been very intriguing.

In preparation for the release of Paranormal Activity 2, Paramount Pictures is offering you the chance to snag a free download of the first Paranormal Activity on iTunes if you purchase your tickets for the sequel through the official website within the next nine days.

All you need to do is head over to and choose either Fandango or Movie Tickets to order your tickets and you will receive an iTunes code to download the full length version of the first PA. Here's what the director of the first movie, Oren Peli, had to say about the offer:

"We are incredibly grateful to the fans for making Paranormal Activity a worldwide phenomenon. We hope the free download of Paranormal Activity will thrill fans old and new in anticipation of the sequel."

If you want the free download just make sure to order your Paranormal Activity 2 tickets by the end of October 28th, 2010.

Paranormal Activity audience reaction

It's a pretty cool idea to offer a free download of the first movie in a series in order to ramp up anticipation for the sequel. It not only gives eager fans a bonus gift, but also allows them to have the first part of the story fresh in mind before  experiencing the next chapter.

The release of Paranormal Activity 2 is only a couple of days away but if you can't wait that long then take a look at this very short new clip from the movie. Warning: The clip could be considered SPOILERIFIC!


SPOILER discussion of the clip: It's only seven seconds long but the clip raises quite a few questions - Is Katie still possessed (in one way or another) and is playing Micah's death/murder off as if it never happened? Is Katie even consciously aware Micah is dead? And how is Katie living a seemingly normal life with the police presumably hunting her down? Likely answer: this "home video" was shot BEFORE the events of Paranormal Activity took place - but we'll have to see Paranormal Activity 2 before we know for sure ;-) .

I was interested in seeing the sequel already but this clip has intrigued me even more. Let the discussion commence!

In case you missed it check out our SR pick "Enter the Damon" which parodies PA 2.

Paranormal Activity 2 hits IMAX and regular theaters on Thursday, October 21st at midnight.

Source: Paramount Pictures and YouTube

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