Paranormal Activity 2 Snags Producer & Start Date

Paranormal Activity 2, the sequel to last year's hit micro-budget horror movie phenomenon, has reportedly snagged a high-profile producer, as well as a production start date.

The producer in question is Akiva Goldsman, who will be bringing Paranormal Activity 2 to the big screen for Paramount. If you don't know Goldsman's name (and you should), he's the writer/producer behind everything from Fringe and I am Legend, to Deep Blue Sea, Hancock and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Basically, his name is synonymous with big stars and big-budget blockbusters.

With Goldsman attached, it's now officially safe to speculate that Paranormal Activity 2 WON'T be following in bare-bones footsteps of its micro-budget predecessor. If I had to guess, I'd say that this sequel will be more in line with other big-budget ghost story flicks like The Ring or The Grudge. Despite Paramount's creation of a micro-budget movie division, I'm hesitant to believe they'll try to make the same lighting strike twice with the Paranormal Activity franchise.

From previous posts, we know that Paramount has been aiming to get Paranormal Activity 2 in theaters by October 22nd - in order to battle for the Halloween box office against the rival Saw franchise. That calls for a seriously rushed production, to say the least - especially since the studio hasn't nailed down a director yet.

However, along with the producer update, Deadline is now reporting that Paranormal Activity 2 will start filming in May. Guess that means we'll soon find out which high-profile director takes on the sequel and who will be starring in it.

Speaking of the cast, recent comments by Paranormal Activity star Micah Sloat suggested that he is somehow involved with the sequel (or is at least in the loop about it). It was an odd notion, considering that SPOILER ALERT!!! his character was killed off in the climax of the first film.

A recent Paranormal Activity digital comic series suggested that the film's other main character, Katie, would also have a storyline continuing beyond her demonic possession at the end of the first film - perhaps the demonic exploits of both Katie and Micah are the basis for this sequel?

In any case, stay tuned for more Paranormal Activity 2 updates - they'll surely be coming soon.

Are you psyched for this sequel - or are you one of those who felt the first film was an epic fail?

Paranormal Activity 2 is slated for release on October 22, 2010. We'll see if it makes it in time.

Source: Deadline via Shock Til Ya Drop

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