'Paranoia' Trailer: It's Corporate War Between Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman

Paranoia trailer with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman

Paranoia- Trailer No.1

Paranoia is headlined by Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) - the brother of Thor and The Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth - as Adam Cassidy, a Brooklyn native from humble beginnings - who, thanks to his techno wizard skills, manages to secure an entry-level position at a powerful corporation owned by one Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman).

Adam's boss provides him with the opportunity to rapidly-advance his career, but with an unscrupulous (and dangerous) catch: he must spy on Nicholas' old mentor - now his fierce business rival - Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford), in order to get in on the ground floor of a new invention potentially worth billions of dollars. Who will walk away triumphant from this clash of financial titans - one of the two corporate kings, or the sacrificial pawn in between them?

Paranoia trailer with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman
Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman in 'Paranoia'

The Paranoia cast - which includes Amber Heard (Machete Kills), Josh Holloway (Lost), Embeth Davidtz (Mad Men) and Richard Dreyfuss in supporting roles - is the film's biggest selling point. Overall, though, the trailer does a respectable job of outlining the motivation for Hemsworth's character, introducing the various players caught up in the story's corporate power struggle, and hinting at key plot details - like the cutting-edge technology (e.g. the MacGuffin) that Goddard has designed - without flat-out spoiling any twists along the way.

Paranoia director Robert Luketic has found his niche in the "chick flick" department (see: Legally Blonde, The Ugly Truth, etc.), but this movie is closer - thematically and content-wise - to Luketic's counting cards feature 21. The Paranoia script was co-written by Barry Levy (Vantage Point) and Jason Dean Hall - who penned the American Sniper screenplay that has landed Steven Spielberg as director - based on the novel by Joseph Finder. So, all in all, there's good reason to consider giving this movie the time of day.


Look for Paranoia when it opens in U.S. theaters on August 16th, 2013.

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