The CW Developing Paradise Lost Series From Sleepy Hollow Writer

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The CW is set to develop a new show called Paradise Lost, turning to Sleepy Hollow writer Joey Falco to write the pilot. Falco worked on season 4 of Sleepy Hollow, which took some major departures from the show's roots in the classic Washington Irving short story of the same name, but the Fox series saw cancellation after season 4 aired.

Of course, this left fans of the show with many unanswered questions. Although some details on Sleepy Hollow season 5 have been revealed by star Janina Gavankar, it's unlikely to be the resolution to the show's cancellation that avid viewers have been craving. Through the development of Paradise Lost, however, at least fans will be able to see what a member of the creative team will be working on next.

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As stated by The Tracking Board, The CW is developing a new show called Paradise Lost. Although it shares a name with Milton's epic poem, it doesn't appear to be related, instead revolving around a murder mystery with "magical realism overtones." Within the show, the various secrets of the community will be revealed, so there's clearly something strange going on behind the scenes.

Alongside the development from The CW, the show is being created by CBS TV Studios with Falco. Paradise Lost also already has its executive producers, with Michael London, Brad Silberling, and Amy Brenneman all on board. Although it's still early days for the project, no doubt more information will be made available as things move forward.

This is far from the only new show being worked on by The CW. As well as Paradise Lost, the network is pushing forward with a female-led horror anthology from Drew Barrymore called Black Rose Anthology, while the Roswell reboot is also currently in development. As well as these new shows, Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters is also on the way, with the first images of the show being revealed recently.

The CW will no doubt be hoping that Paradise Lost's pilot is successful, perhaps even aiming to reach heights higher than Sleepy Hollow. After all, although the Fox show had a core support, its awkward transition for the final series didn't reinvigorate the formula or stop the drop in viewers, and it was seen by some as a show that needed cancelling prior to the boot dropping. Hopefully, Paradise Lost will be able to sit better with audiences.

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Source: The Tracking Board

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