Pandorum: TV Spots & "Creature Feature" Clip

For you sci-fi/horror fans out there, there's a new film up your alley coming out later this month called Pandorum, starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster as two crewmen on a deep space vessel who awaken from cryogenic sleep to find the crew missing and savage beasts terrorizing the ship.

The trailers and posters for Pandorum gave us a good tingly feeling that this film would be  Event Horizon meets 28 Days Later and the Pandorum panel at Comic-Con this year only reinforced our anticipation for the flick.

Today we have two TV spots for Pandorum and a clip from the film that features a semi-first look at the deadly creatures roaming the shadows of the ship. If you still need incentive to see this movie, check them out.

We'll do the TV spots first and then the "creature feature" clip, which some of you may want to skip because it kind of is a SPOILER. Thanks Shock 'Til Ya Drop for nabbing the TV spots and Bloody-Disgusting for sharing their exclusive clip.


Pandorum TV Spots

Pandorum "Creature Feature" Clip


What I like about the creatures in this film is that they seem (from what little we've seen of them) to be not only savage and freakish, but smart (they seem to use weapons) strong and cunning as well. Something to be feared, for sure. And if I'm reading it right [SPOILER ALERT] and the creatures used to be the crew members, it adds another layer of disturbia to the story. I can't wait to see it!

Pandorum got bumped back a week and will now be in theaters on September 25th.

Source: Shock Til Ya Drop & Bloody-Disgusting

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