Painkiller Jane Series Does Not Regenerate

The Sci Fi Channel series, PainKiller Jane, is not regenerating for a second season.

Sci Fi first presented Painkiller Jane as one of their Saturday Night B movies back in 2005. It apparently had enough of a response to be made into a series, but the series is apparently not fulfilling Sci Fi's expectations.

PainKiller Jane, played by Kristanna Loken, is about a government agent named Jane, who has regenerative healing powers (It's Wolverine-ette, without the claws!) and works in a covert government agency that hunts down bad people with neurological powers.

The show is being cancelled, after a strong Friday premiere of Flash Gordon. (What!?) It would seem that Flash Gordon was the best rated series premiere this year for Sci Fi, so far.

Sci Fi is wrapping the originally planned production of 22 episodes, and all 22 episodes will be televised as planned. Sixteen episodes have aired so far.

In as much as Painkiller Jane is concerned, I had watched a few episodes. I didn't think they were terrible, but I wasn't hooked enough, by story line or eye candy, to keep watching. In one of the episodes I watched, Jane was just learning that she could turn her healing abilities off and back on if need be, and that storyline turned out ok for me, but overall, apparently not good enough for most.


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