Does Paddington 2 Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Paddington 2


Paddington is back. After a hugely successful first outing in 2014, the bear from Peru is about to take us all on another heartwarming adventure. Paddington 2 has already earned very positive reviews in the U.K., and it's one of those rare sequels that is actually better than its original, so it's well worth catching it in theaters.

The storyline is funnier, more engaging, and even more heartwarming, if that were possible. There's also high praise for its multitude of stars, with Brendan Gleeson and Hugh Bonneville being particular standouts. But it's Hugh Grant that completely steals the show as Phoenix Buchanan; an actor who has faded from glory, but still makes sure to wear a cravat wherever he goes. Grant is mesmerizing to watch and very, very funny. So much so, that you won't want the movie to end.

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Since almost every movie has some kind of post-credits scene nowadays, it's reasonable to wonder whether the same can be said of Paddington 2. After all, we never really know whether it's safe to leave the theater, or whether we need to stick around until the final credit rolls.

The answer is... sort of. That is to say, it's more of an extended ending, in that it plays over the very start of the credits and once that's done, there is no more. Paddington 2 ends on a very sentimental and happy note, one that will have many audience members in tears. You could easily be forgiven for leaving the theater before anyone notices, but really, it's well worth staying, because what comes next, is amazing. Stop reading now if you don't want to be spoiled!

Hugh Grant Performs a Song and Dance Number

Yes, you read that right. For much of the movie, Grant's character is trying to find a treasure chest that will land him his fortune. With the money, he will finally stage his one man show. He's full of grand plans but of course, Paddington outwits him in the end. As the credits roll, we cut to Phoenix Buchanan in jail, finally getting the captive audience he so desperately craves. Cue a full musical revue performance that will leave you laughing for days. If you were crying before that, your tears of happiness and joy will quickly turn to tears of mirth.

Some audiences have loudly applauded Grant's turn at the end, and rightly so. Sadly, he only does the one number, and after that there is nothing but regular movie credits, but don't think of leaving before you've seen Grant shimmying about in a pink jail jumpsuit.

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